Snowstorms, frosts meet the severe weather system ::


– After the storms left Raleigh on Saturday, the temperature dropped. It is expected that on Saturday night the temperature will be below 30 degrees, with the cold from the wind will be even colder.

“Arctic air will be advancing. We have some cold air behind this very strong front,” said WRAL meteorologist Amy Wilmat.

The temperature will drop throughout the day. On Saturday at 4 o’clock in the morning it was 56 degrees outside. In the afternoon the temperature will drop to 30 degrees, at night it will be up to 20 degrees.

Some people reported seeing a squall through the triangle on Saturday afternoon. Communities near the North Carolina-Virginia line also saw light snow.

Snow photos from Cynthia Johnson

Sunday morning is expected to be the coldest March morning since 2015.

On Saturday, the air temperature will drop throughout the day

Set the clock before bed on Saturday night, because on Sunday at 2 o’clock in the morning we “switch” with the beginning of summer time.

Some people hate summer time and others love it. This can go awry with your sleep schedule, but starting on Sunday, the sun will set an hour later, closer to 7:30 pm than 6:30 pm. Before the summer solstice the sun will set only after 20:30

While temperatures will begin in adolescence and the 20th year, temperatures will bounce back on Sunday afternoon, with highs above 40 and below 50 and plenty of sunlight expected.

The storm leaves the central part of the Northern Kingdom, leaving behind fallen trees and power outages

A line of strong thunderstorms passed through central North Carolina early Saturday morning. Heavy rain, strong gusts of wind and lightning were seen across the state as a band of storms moved east, from the Triad to the coast.

On Saturday morning, strong winds and rain due to the storm knocked down several trees and power lines in central North Carolina, causing roads to be clogged and people to lose electricity. Thousands of people woke up without electricity in Durham, Franklin and Wake counties.

Gusts of wind, DMA

A tornado patrol has been issued for several counties in eastern North Carolina, including Sampson. A team of WRAL meteorologists said there was a “small chance” of a tornado in towns near Goldsboro, Lamberton, Greenville and New Bern. The clock ended around 9:30 a.m. Saturday.

Wake County was also on the recommendation for flooding Saturday morning. In the triangle fell about an inch of rain, causing many trees to fall.

Gusts of wind reached 25 mph in Raleigh and 36 mph in Fayetteville around 5 p.m. Even after the storms come out of the triangle, wind gusts are expected to reach more than 50 mph on Saturday afternoon.

A tree in Sampson County

A A large tree fell on a house near Chatham Forest Drive in Chatham County early Saturday morning. The landlord said his 5-year-old daughter was sleeping in her bedroom when a tree crashed into her ceiling. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

A strong thunderstorm knocked down several power lines on Johnston County Road and felled a large tree in Sampson County.

A fallen tree on Graham Newton Road

Several trees reportedly fell in Raleigh on Lake Wheeler Road, one tree fell on a power line on Smithfield Road in Knightdale. One Raleigh family told WRAL News that a tree fell on their camper on Graham Newton Road.

Snowstorms, frosts meet the severe weather system ::

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