Stick Drift strikes again, this time on the Steam deck


The terrible problem of stick drift seems to torment you early Steam Deck owners. For those who don’t know, Valve launched Steam Deck on Friday, February 25, and allowed early booking owners to fulfill their orders.

These people have only now or recently received their Steam Deck blocks in the mail. It’s a joyous time to become a PC player for anyone who joins a party of customers who already have their blocks (mine arrives next Monday and I can’t be more excited). But it’s not all sun and rainbows, as they say.

As noticed Edge, some users who got their Steam Deck blocks early, report a stick drift that appears on at least one of their big sticks. Some problems may be expected as they apply hardware early. But it probably doesn’t really help people feel better due to the problem that appears after easy use just a few days after receiving the product.

Steam Deck units with drift stick will be able to get spare parts

This is not an immediate fix, but users with stick drift issues will be able to replace their sticks. At some point. Last month, Valve confirmed that spare parts for the Deck will be available through iFixit. Eventually they may also come to other retail partners. The company has not named all the replaceable parts. However, it stated that one of them would be sticks.

The only problem is that it has not yet been confirmed when the spare parts will go on sale. So, if you notice a problem surface, you may have to wait a bit before you can replace the parts. And unfortunately, now there seems to be no definitive solution to the problem with software updates. However, you can alleviate the problem a bit by calibration dead places stick thumb.

If this is comforting, the problem with stick drift may not occur with so many units. Only a few people on the official Steam Deck sub-report reported the problem. And Valve believes that “tens of thousands of Steam Deck” have already been sent out.

Stick Drift strikes again, this time on the Steam deck

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