Stronghold’s Lost Ark Guide: how to unlock, upgrade and more


Like most MMORPGs, The Lost Ark gives you the opportunity to take part in the player’s accommodation. However, instead of giving you one building to take care of, you are tasked with managing an entire island filled with vendors, NPCs and a host of facilities. It also gives a wide range of benefits to your characters and can even be used to increase the level of alternate cartoons while playing on your main account.

If you feel overwhelmed The Lost Ark‘s Stronghold, you’re not alone – this is probably the most difficult system that is thrown at you before the endgame. Here’s everything you need to know about your Stronghold and how to maximize its potential The Lost Ark.

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What is a fortress in Lost Ark?

The fortress is your personal oasis The Lost Ark. You can customize it to your liking, post scenery or designs and hold events with friends. It’s a bit like an extended form of housing for players in other MMOs – and very similar to a mobile strategy game, as creation and construction can be accelerated by using certain currencies.

Craft is a great advantage The Lost Ark‘s Stronghold, as it gives you the ability to purchase powerful items without dropping a lot of money. You can also build or create various items that give you passive attribute enhancement, which can be especially useful for high-level players.

In short, the fortress is there The Lost ArkA version of the player’s body that also offers many options for crafting and cosmetics.

How to unlock a fortress in Lost Ark

New players will need to work a significant amount of playing time before unlocking their fortress. This is given as a reward for completing the quest, Invitation of Clerk Theowhich you will probably find around level 25. The mission is given to you automatically as part of the main quest, so just keep polishing and you will eventually reach it.

Manage your fortress

Once you unlock your Stronghold, you will get a (brief) introduction to all its features. You will also learn A song about home and hearthwhich can be used for a quick trip to your fortress. The Lost Ark The tutorial is fast-paced, so there’s a good chance you’ve missed some of the content available on your island – most of which is hidden in Management menu.

To access this content, click on Management icon at the bottom of the screen. This will open a new hotbar at the top of the screen with the following options:

  • laboratory
  • Workshop
  • Station
  • Manor
  • Training camp
  • Knowledge

Here you will spend most of your time being in your fortress. Here’s a closer look (and extended) look at everything in the Management tab in Stronghold.


Stronghold's Lab Menu.

Here you will update and unlock new components for your Stronghold. This includes unlocking new types of ships, new items to craft or adding additional slots for exploration. Without a doubt, this is the most important building on your island and it needs to be inspected as often as possible. Exploring new features takes time, so make sure you keep a close eye on its progress and collect the reward as soon as it becomes available.

Keep in mind that some lab features are limited until it is sufficiently enhanced.


While the Lab allows you to expand on your island, the Workshop allows you to add new items to your inventory. Potions and tools are the most common items you will create here, although various endgame resources will also be formed through your Workshop. Start using it as soon as possible so you can become an expert up to level 60.


The station is a little different from the lab and workshop. Instead of creating new items or resources, your station allows you to send a crew to explore Archeology and return with awards. You will first need to unlock the crew and the ship, but once that is done, you will be able to send them on a mission. We recommend using Autoformation feature on the right side of the screen as it optimizes your team and gives you a better chance of finding rare items.


Stronghold's manor menu in Lost Ark.

Your manor gives you the opportunity to equip certain items to earn various passive indicators for the actions performed in your fortress. Some of these effects include reducing action energy for certain actions or improving crafting speed.

Training camp

The Lost Ark will not allow you to use training camp until you reach level 52. Once it is unlocked, you can use it to passively train alternate characters in your account. There are limitations (you can align alternate characters only one level below your main character), and it takes quite a while, but it’s an easy way to create a stable level of high-level characters.


This is similar to a training camp in that it gives you the ability to align alternate characters. It will unlock upon completion For Cykins, nothing is impossible quest and allows you to raise the character to level 50 by spending gold.

What is the energy of action in Lost Ark?

Action Energy is a time-limited gaming resource. In other words, you will have a set amount of action energy that you can use every day and it will slowly replenish every 24 hours. The resource is spent while performing activities in your fortress such as creating, researching or sending a crew on a mission to the station. Keep an eye on this, but don’t overdo it – beginners usually don’t have enough content available to run out of action energy. However, if you become a Stronghold expert, you will need to carefully decide which tasks are most important and which can be moved to another day.

Raise the level of your fortress

Your Stronghold will automatically increase as you use it. Doing quests on the station, creating items and conducting research – this is a great way to speed up getting XP XP in Stronghold, although almost everything on the island in some way will contribute to your level. Since everything you do is worth the energy of the action (which is replenished and limited in real time), it is in your best interest to start working on your fortress at an early level. If not, you’ll be catching up with everyone else by the time you get to the endgame.

Merchants, holidays and more

The Lost Ark player is harvesting wood.

While the above features are the main reason to keep an eye on your Stronghold, there are many more than these six menus that you can open. Holidays, special station missions, merchants and even resource farms are all waiting to be unlocked. They are usually accompanied by a short lesson as soon as they are available on your island, but here is a brief look at some of Stronghold’s additional features:

  • Holidays: Unlocked on the tenth level of Stronghold, they allow you to create expendable items that give you lots of powerful buffs.
  • Special station missions: Upon completion Elin’s request, you will have the opportunity to send your crew on these improved versions of Station quests. Instead of low- and mid-level awards, special station missions almost always reward you with premium items.
  • Merchants: Limited time sellers who open a store on your island. Visit often to see if there is anything interesting in stock.
  • Farm Resources: Unlocked upon completion A Green earth This gives you a special place for trading skills with many resources available that you can use in your fortress.

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Stronghold’s Lost Ark Guide: how to unlock, upgrade and more

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