Sunny Edwards on Martinez stretches out


Sunny Edwards on Martinez knocked out - Reaction of IBF Champion |

Sunny Edwards hopes for a crash Julio Cesar Martinez the last defense of the title does not prevent the “biggest fight in the lightweight”.

“Showtime” has confirmed that he is “aggressively” chasing a fight with the Mexican and holding his fingers crossed so that Martinez retains his belt according to the WBC, despite being pulled out of the fight with interim champion McWilliams Arroyo due to illness.

Edwards, who owns the IBF crown, has made it clear he wants a showdown with Martinez and hopes that El Rey’s victory in Texas on Saturday night will open the door for their fight later this year.

But Martinez, who previously twice withdrew from Arroyo, is now awaiting a decision from the WBC to see if he will retain his title and keep alive a huge clash with Edwards for two belts.

“I was disappointed to hear the news that Martinez had given up the fight, and it’s sad because we were all waiting for the saga to end, only for the fight to end again,” Edwards told

“But I hope Martinez recovers better and I hope he retains his title to defend the biggest lightweight fight, period.

“I also don’t want the fight between Martinez and Arroyo to delay our fight, because I’ve been waiting for a long time, and I hope we can continue it.”

Edwards not only wants to become the sole champion in the 112-pound division, but he is also determined to break Martinez’s record against British fighters.

“I am aggressively trying to make this fight happen, and I am quietly confident that it will happen,” he added.

“It’s the best fight for both of us, there’s already prehistory, and Martinez got the same name in the UK as in Mexico.

“He has already defeated Andrew Selby and was with my brother Charlie and Jay Harris, so I need to stop his series of beatings of British fighters in the style of Cinnamon!”

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Sunny Edwards on Martinez stretches out

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