Target free agent Denver Broncos from all 16 NFC teams


ATLANTA, GEORGIA – OCTOBER 31: General view of Bose headphones worn by Stefan Gilmar № 9 of the Carolina Panthers during a warm-up before the game against the Atlanta Falcons at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on October 31, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Mark Brown / Getty Images)

Since the 2022 NFL season is set to begin next week, who are the targets of free agents from every NFC team Denver Broncos can sign?

Yesterday I wrote an article that looked at one free agent from each AFC team for the Denver Broncos.

Today we will look at one target free agent from each NFC team. Now that the team has done a a significant step for Russell Wilsonwe can reasonably predict that Denver is likely to be quite aggressive in a free agency, and it is also reasonable to assume that free agents will now want to come play for Denver.

As we know, Denver’s list is solid. They don’t have a ton of holes, and if general manager George Patton has proven he can draft well, there’s no reason to believe he won’t be able to fill the holes in the team with quality newcomers.

With that said, signing influence players in a free agency is usually a more effective way.

So who can the Denver Broncos from each NFC team in the free agency target?

Denver Broncos: Free agents from NFC South

Carolina Panthers – Stephen Gilmore, CB

The Panthers replaced Gilmore in the 2021 season, giving them a very strong second place.

Gilmar is over 30 years old, so he may not have much time left to play at a high level. However, Denver Broncos could be in the market for signing high-quality veterans on short-term deals if they can trade for Aaron Rogers.

With unfinished free agents Bryce Callahan and Kyle Fuller, the attraction of Gilmore gives Denver a nasty trio along with Patrick Surtein II and Ronald Darby

New Orleans Saints – Theron Armstead, LT

Okay, listen to me. Why not sign one of the best selections in the NFL in a decade?

Armstead does have trouble staying on the field, but possesses insane technique and is a three-time Pro Bowler.

Can Denver sign Armstead and move him to the right? Of course, why not? Although it is unlikely that the duo of Armstead and Gareth Boles will be the best in the league.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Ndamukong Suh, DT

The Denver Broncos need to get better in the trenches, and may be a better free agent than Super Cup champion and Iron Man Ndamukong Su.

Su is 35 years old, but he hasn’t missed a single game since 2011 and has 12.0 secs along with 32 QB hits over the last two seasons.

This man was a monster, and he showed no signs, no signs of slowing down. Denver has to sign it.

The team is going to exchange Shelby Harris in a package for Russell Wilson, so the need for defensive trenches has become more apparent.

Atlanta Falcons – Dante Fowler Jr., EDGE

Denver needs to straighten out, and Dante Fowler may bring this as a good backup option.

Fowler was pretty much a bust after being drafted third overall in 2015, but he showed at least a quality backup option.

I don’t think he can be trusted to be starting every week, but a cheap option that has some benefits could be signing with Denver with a low risk and a high reward. Fowler has 35 career bags.

Target free agent Denver Broncos from all 16 NFC teams

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