The best certified used Chevy models


Chevrolet was the king of American-made cars with a good price. Sometimes, however, prices should be reduced. That’s where a Certified used car dealer Coming. As new, well-maintained, but much cheaper than the all-new model, CPO Chevys is a smart investment. However, what are the best CPO Chevy models – the cars that are best purchased in that cute place between used and brand new?

With the exception of warranty programs and service packages, some cars provide the most value after a little careful use, repair and discount. Here are the top 3 Chevy cars that cost significant CPO savings and are unlikely to lose quality after a single owner.

2020 Silverado 2500 HD

Strength and ability unite one of Chevy’s most competitive trucks. Among the crowded field of tough trucks, including Ram Heavy Duty and Ford Super Duty, 2020 Silverado is still shining. The 2500 HD is a step up from the standard 1500 pickup-oriented passenger pickup, which definitely has its rights. However, the 2500 HD (Heavy Duty) model has some great rights, including best-in-class towing. It reaches a grand 18,510 pounds of towing capacity, a rating against which many trucks of 2022 fall short.

But this edition of the Silverado 2500 HD is not just about power – although the base trim of the Work Truck exists for those who shy away from all luxuries. The redesigned, aggressive front end and aerodynamic body lines definitely evoke in his head. In addition, the 2018 model is filled with impressive upgrades. Here are some outstanding ones.

The optional Turbo-Diesel V-8 is particularly durable with its monumental 910 pound-feet of torque and 10-speed Allison transmission. In addition, load capacity rates approaching 4,000 mean that even an extended bed can carry a full load of materials to improve a home, furniture, electronics and even a few four-wheeled vehicles. However, models with a 6-speed V8 automatic transmission with a gas engine provide a smoother ride.

There is a lot of technology for trailers, including a “transparent trailer” system, which easily displays the infotainment system behind your truck and trailer. The electrically operated rear door is a precursor to the Multi-Flex, available in the very latest models, but, nevertheless, it is a huge help for hardworking people.

Why this is a good CPO model

If you want maximum power at the best price, then this is the CPO Silverado 2500 HD. Balancing a lower price with competitive by today’s standards of towing and load capacity, this is the definition of excellent value. Used cars must meet certain criteria before receiving a Chevrolet “Certified Pre-Owned” label: less than 75,000 miles, in five years of the last model year, no significant / costly damage, no major engine repairs or history accidents. no mass stains on the passenger seat, etc.

This means that no heavy-duty Silverado truck at the CPO site has ever towed or towed to full power. The better you work. In addition, the new High Country model – including genuine leather surfaces, unique design elements and ergonomic seats with heating and ventilation – will not be inferior to its high price if new. It is a luxury at a much more attractive price.

2018 Tahoe

Chevy’s most popular full-size SUV is also one of the best-selling family commuter cars in the country. More stylish, better equipped and more exciting to drive than a football van (Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna, we’re looking at you), Tahoe sacrifices nothing for cargo and seating.

In fact, Tahoe donates little. This versatile SUV is a great skill at all hands, towing a truck that was previously on this list, and at the same time viewing traffic as well as a productive car that goes on. It is equipped with all-wheel drive and provides 94.7 cubic feet. shelter, and supplemented by safety technologies for the family, such as lane departure warning and traction control. Did I mention that its 6.2-liter V-8 engine has a satisfying roar and produces up to 420 horsepower?

Tahoe has something to love In particular, the 2018 edition. The innovative Magnetic Ride Control system has jet shock absorbers that smooth out unpleasant road conditions, and the exquisite interior materials can put the most picky child to sleep. In addition, the Chevy MyLink infotainment display is a consumer favorite. One can suspect that the 2018 Tahoe is the perfect family car. However, it has one major drawback.

Why this is a good CPO model

Tahoe 2018 is on the dangerous border between well-equipped and expensive. So it’s just wiser to find a used or CPO version of this tough SUV. Tahoe with significant price reductions would be hard to get around.

The blue 2020 Chevy Corvette is shown from the side, driving through a tunnel.

Corvette 2020

The Corvette is infamously known as a supercar that rips apart the streets, a staple of the American road and one of the best feats of homegrown domestic technology. Forget for a second about imported luxury cars while looking at the Corvette 2020, which is often viewed The best edition of Chevy. Bright, light, fast and amazingly affordable (especially certified in used use), this is the car that car enthusiasts love.

Immediately after the release of this eight-generation Corvette, which super fans also call the “C8”, quickly received the highest ratings in several outlets. In fact, it was priced about as high as a Porsche or Ferrari sports car – without a European price tag. While virtually every model has its own eye-catching features, the completely redesigned and improved 2020 edition has some features.

New products of this model year include a fire-breathing 6.2-liter V-8 engine in the rear. 490 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque provide enough power to easily drive city and highway, as well as a few chops to keep yourself on the racetrack. The 2020 Corvette accelerates from 0 to 60 in just 2.8 seconds, while its sports brakes can stop at 70 mph in just 149 feet.

The redesigned interior of this generation deserves its own praise. The two-seater sits higher than usual to match its new, mid-range engine, and the interior is gorgeous with genuine leather, genuine metallic trim and soft suede notes. The steering wheel, pedals, display, infotainment screen and virtually every interior element you can think of have been optimized for driver comfort – and such a masculine movement that is ready for Formula 1 is rare in American technology.

“Which Corvette to Find?” you may ask. Those who are familiar enough with the rugged Chevy sports car know that the Corvette is not just a Corvette. The Stingray model with the Z51 package has performance ratings that skyrocket, while the 3LT finish is endearing thanks to genuine leather surfaces and carbon fiber trim. Bonus points if you can find a convertible model, but the coupe setup still wins.

Why this is a good CPO model

Corvettes, like almost all quality sports cars, are essentially giant collectibles. In this way, the Corvette will gracefully age and avoid all sorts of looks that are usually attributed to used cars. It’s a corvette! So what if it is technically used?

And because of strict dealer standards, any Corvette you find that qualifies as a CPO has not been pushed to reach its full, turbulent potential. Doesn’t every sports car deserve a shine opportunity? If you’ve ever called a car, you may regret the CPO Corvette, which was sold even before it really lit a fire on the pavement.

Some extra gems

Chevrolet gives a few extra bonuses for buying certified used cars. These include a thorough study of the car’s name and history, new tires and brakes if needed, and a huge warranty on the transmission. They even omit deductibles under warranty claims, which is an underestimated bonus. In addition, they will introduce a temporary subscription to SiriusXM and OnStar satellite radio, their emergency response program.

With all this, many people prefer to skip all these gems completely and just buy a used car. A used version of any of the above vehicles can still be in great shape. However, a CPO guarantee may be worth it for extra peace of mind.

The best certified used Chevy models

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