The best characters in MultiVersus


All fighting games strive to be as balanced as possible with their lineups. However, this is very difficult to do. The more characters you have and the more variety between them, the harder it is to make each one feel fair when pitted against the others. No game will ever get it quite right, but there’s always the human factor that can allow the decidedly worst characters to beat the best. However, it never takes long before there is a tier list that ranks each fighter.

MultiVersus is an ongoing game, both in terms of adding new characters and customizing those characters after launch. As the meta files come in, anything deemed too powerful or not enough can be updated on the fly. No matter how much customization is done, some characters just seem built better than others. While picking one of these “best” characters won’t guarantee you victory, it certainly won’t hurt. If you want to know which of these eclectic fighters tops the list at the moment, here are the best characters in MultiVersus.

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Like his cartoon counterpart, Tez is an absolute force of nature MultiVersus. He’s unmatched in melee, and that’s what happens in almost every encounter MultiVersus, especially thanks to his ability to apply the Yummy status to enemies. Once created, this will turn enemies into friendly chickens that drop wings when hit, which Taz and his partner can pick up to restore health. Oh, and they can’t attack in this state either to make it even better. His Taz-nado move was, believe it or not, even stronger before, but even after being nerfed, it’s still incredibly deadly. Tez, after gaining a level with a full set of privileges, is almost a single person.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn and Taz watch from afar.

Assassin class characters are designed to deal heavy damage, but usually at the cost of being easy to kill themselves. While this is technically true of Harley, she has many ways to mitigate this disadvantage. First, all her attacks come out very quickly and easily combine with each other. She also has several options for dealing damage at a safe distance, the most annoying of which is her Stuffie Bat. It’s a remote explosive that can even be stuck to enemies, allowing her to detonate them whenever she wants. If you can master her movement and use all of her tools, Harley will be nearly unbeatable.


Steps are going ultra instinct.

Maybe they let Shaggy power up Super Saiyan, but he’s not that strong. However, it easily ranks among the best in the game due to its power and easy-to-play nature. His aforementioned buff boosts his attacks to deal massive damage, and he also has a move for just about any situation. Shaggy is also a threat in the air thanks to a variety of recovery and attack options for anyone brave enough to chase opponents off the stage for a spike. Between his normal combo, projectile, uppercut, and aerial combos, Shaggy is prepared to fight at any distance. Just make sure you charge it to its full potential.

LeBron James

Rick and Morty and LeBron pose for an image of a MultiVersus key.

One of the first characters added MultiVersus, a court king almost as powerful on the battlefield. His base kit, like Shaggy’s, makes him such a strong character right out of the gate. Almost every attack or combo ender has the potential to knock opponents off stage. As a player, LeBron isn’t just focused on himself. He has the ability to pass the ball to his teammates to make buffs even more deadly. He’s best played with a partner you have a good flow with, rather than a pure powerhouse on his own, but a strong team will always beat a strong individual.


Batman holds Shaggy.

A little below the others, Batman seems to be next on our list. It’s similar to a Harley in that it has a wide variety of attachments for different situations, just without the raw power that it brings with it. However, one thing that sets it apart from the Harley is its mobility. Technically, he can’t fly, but thanks to his grapple, which you can use as many times as you want, there’s little reason to touch the ground if you don’t want to. He’s best as a run-and-run fighter, constantly moving to avoid lengthy encounters and using his gadgets to create an opportune moment to strike.

Bugs Bunny

Shaggy, Arya Stark, Batman and Budz Bunny on the Acme Rocket.

Finally, the SB legend himself, Bugs Bunny. This famous swindler is also, well, difficult to read MultiVersus like him in his cartoons. ​​​​​​While its features are difficult for opponents to predict, it will equally take some time to learn on your own. Once you do, though, it’s packed with moves that can buff your teammate and apply statuses to enemies. His special kiss delivery is particularly effective at stunning opponents, and he can even dig underground to get out of dire situations unscathed. He is well developed and can certainly go toe-to-toe in many encounters, but is difficult to learn and adjust to.

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The best characters in MultiVersus

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