The best skills you can unlock first in Dying Light 2


Dying Light 2 boasts a wide range of benefits and abilities for players. Fortunately, the perk tree is easy to follow, allowing players to create their perfect version of Aiden. However, these first few decisions are some of the most important ones you will make throughout the game. So which skills are best unlocked in the first place? Let’s disassemble the top five martial arts and parkour skills to unlock them as quickly as possible Dying Light 2.

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Upgrade to Dying Light 2

Before you unlock any skills for past shelter strikes and high jumps, you’ll need to purchase GRE inhibitors to boost Aiden’s HP, endurance and immunity. Once you find three (cumulatively or simultaneously), you can increase your overall HP or endurance. No matter what, you will always receive the same immunity.

Increasing HP will unlock more fighting skills, and endurance – parkour skills. However, you will still need to earn skill points in each category to buy these moves. For example, to unlock the combat skill Head Stomp, you will need to boost your HP until you have 180 total health. Then you will need to buy the necessary benefits (Air Kick and Vault Power Kick).

Luckily, you earn combat skills and parkour points separately from each other. That doesn’t mean you earn one skill point to distribute between fights or parkour. Running side quests and classes is a great way to beat both XP schools. Dig into your heels and fight off the undead to increase the level of combat. Also, jump from rooftop to rooftop to raise the level of parkour. So let’s delve into the best skills to unlock first Dying Light 2.

The top five fighting skills to unlock first in Dying Light 2

With a whole tree of fighting skills to choose from, here are the top five fighting skills you can unlock first in Dying Light 2as well as their HP requirements.

Air Kick: No HP required

Air Kick fighting skill in Dying Light 2.

When you fall to the enemy, press L1 (on PS5) to strike a powerful blow and send them into flight. Air Kick is a great way to avoid falling damage if you drop enemies from rooftops, making it easier to kill howlers when you can’t avoid them. The Air Kick also wobbles, so if the blow itself doesn’t kill the enemy, they remain open to subsequent attacks and parkour movements. Most importantly, Air Kick is a prerequisite for Vault Power Kick and Drop Kick, two more combat bonuses at the beginning of the game. With all the weapons in Dying Light 2Aiden’s legs are the best.

Perfect parrying: 120 HP requirement

Perfect fighting skill pairing with Dying Light 2.

With perfect parrying enemies go into slow motion when parrying, and stay in the pushes longer. This gives you more time to jump through them and attack other enemies. Although short, the slow mode window is long enough to plan the next step. Additional skills in this industry include blocking and repelling shells, which is useful but not essential in the beginning.

Vault Power Kick: 140 HP requirement

Combat Skill Vault Power Kick with Dying Light 2.

Vault Power Kick improves your standard hit in the shelter, turning it into a powerful attack that will send enemies into flight. We never tied punches to parkour as the game intended, so Vault Power Kick proved to be more effective in defeating enemies. You will get into the habit of holding on R2 when kicking in the vault, thus constantly unleashing forceful blows.

Head Stomp: 180 HP requirement

Combat Skill Head Stomp with Dying Light 2.

It’s annoying when you have to spend weapon strength to kill zombies on the ground. Enter Head Stomp, Aiden’s most horrific leg attack. When you shoot down zombies, hold down the square button to jump up and hit them in the head, instantly killing them. This is a great way to preserve the longevity of weapons and quickly send zombies. As a bonus, you can trample on human enemies if you manage to shoot them down (which usually appears when using the other skills mentioned).

Dropkick: Requires 180 HP

Dropkick fighting skill with Dying Light 2.

Dropkick is probably the best skill in the whole game. Running towards the enemy, jump and double click L1 to untie a WWE-style drop. Aiden can easily send enemies that fly off roofs or fly into traps with spikes, having nothing but the soles of his shoes. You don’t even need to run that long. As you move toward the enemy, Aiden can usually throw them back into Haran. However, we do not recommend throwing big enemies, as it is not very effective. Also, do not rush into the crowd of enemies, as Aiden is susceptible to damage when lying on the ground.

The five best parkour skills to unlock first in Dying Light 2

Aiden needs some sleek skills to navigate Villedor. Here are the top five parkour skills you need to unlock first Dying Light 2along with their endurance requirements.

Active landing: endurance not required

Skill Parkour Active Landing with Dying Light 2.

It will take some time to learn how far Aiden can fall without hurting himself. Fortunately, the skill “Active Landing” mitigates this damage through a maneuver of pull-ups and rolling. Before Aiden falls to the ground, press circle button to reduce fall damage and keep momentum going. It may take a few tries to determine the time, but Active Landing will become commonplace once you do.

Darts: Endurance Requirement 140

Skill parkour skill with Dying Light 2.

Darth is basically a sprint mechanic that gives Aiden a surge of speed before jumping over a wide range. You will need it to get gold on the parkour and overtake the infected during the chase. Once you unlock the paraglider, don’t use Dart to start running from the roof. During the flight, the paraglider consumes endurance, so dart is more harmful to your flight distance than helps.

Sleek Runner: 120 Endurance Requirement

Skill Parker Sleek Runner with Dying Light 2.

Sleek Runner makes your parkour movements smoother. However, this skill is rather a prerequisite for the next skill on this list. Sometimes Sleek Runner can be a little disorienting, especially when Aiden dives and rides through an open window. However, it’s nice to jump through openings in the wall and run along balancers.

Stealth Movement: Endurance Requirement 160

Skill Parkour Stealth Movement with Dying Light 2.

Stealth Movement makes crawling through dark areas much easier. Aiden’s speed when he bent down is exponentially faster, and he can even make small jumps to overcome obstacles. With Stealth Movement you don’t have to worry about waking up sleeping zombies, as you won’t be around for a long time until their alert counter is half full.

Tic Tac: Endurance requirement 160

Skill Parkour Tic Tac with Dying Light 2.

Tic Tac is a horizontal movement on the wall that allows Aiden to run on any flat wall surface in the game. You can use Tic Tac to reach certain obstacles by jumping at running heights. Tic Tac is also useful in parkour tasks. It is also a prerequisite for the Wall Run skill that allows you to run along vertical walls.

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The best skills you can unlock first in Dying Light 2

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