The brewery is expanding production


CHARLOTTE, NC — For many Americans, the weekend means brunch.

According to survey by General Mills Foodservice.

What you need to know

  • More and more people are looking for breakfast places near them
  • Americans have been looking forward to enjoying breakfast/brunch at their favorite restaurants once businesses reopen
  • Midnight Mulligan Brewing is expanding its brunch following an overwhelming response from brunch lovers

There’s an influence at Midnight Milligan Brewing in Charlotte.

“We’re a lot busier than we were when we first started,” said co-owner Joe Baumgartner.

Midnight Mulligan opened in December 2021 and began serving brunch on June 12.

“We have a unique setup with a full kitchen, so we thought why not,” Baumgartner said. “People in Charlotte love brunch.”

The same survey by General Mills Foodservice shows that 56% of people now enjoy breakfast even more than a year ago.

Mulligan’s Midnight has had such an overwhelming response from breakfast lovers that the restaurant is now offering breakfast on Saturdays as well.

The brewery is expanding production

Source link The brewery is expanding production