The Broncos should be re-signed by Kenny Young or Alexander Johnson


Denver Broncos did not choose a midfielder in the 2022 NFL draft, and this is a position that still needs to be resolved.

I. wrote on the decision pass on linebacker Georgia Nakabi Dean, who was bad, but it came and went, and the Broncos will have to work with what they have. So let’s see what it looks like:

Predicted to start in lineback: Josie Jewell, Baron Browning

Reserves: Alex Singleton, Justin Sturnad, Jonas Griffith, Barrington Wade

It’s hard to say what the team will do with Browning there were reports move it outside. However, this could be done sporadically and only in certain defensive packages.

Alexander Johnson or Kenny Young have to return to the Broncos

No matter where Browning goes, the Broncos are still pretty weak in that position. Singleton was a machine to fight the Philadelphia Eagles and had to be a good guy for rotation. Griffith also revealed some promises. Strnad and Wade, at best, are guys from the extreme list.

Perhaps George Payton is happy with what the team has, but it’s also possible that the draft board just didn’t fall the way he thought. The choice of Nick Bonito in the second round could also change the team’s plans to move Browning out.

But if Browning and Jewel are starting from the inside, there must be more behind them, and for that the Broncos must turn to familiar faces.

DENVER, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 14: Domestic midfielder Kenny Young № 41 of the Denver Broncos goes on the sidelines before the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Emperor Field in Mile High on November 14, 2021 in Denver, Calaro. (Photo by Justin Edmonds / Getty Images)

Kenny Young and Alexander Johnson still available in the free agent market.

Last season, the Broncos exchanged a choice in the sixth round for the Los Angeles Reims for Young, and he played in six games for the team, showing promise in a new form. He is only 26 years old and he must have a lot of good football.

Johnson has spent the last four seasons at the Broncos, making 249 selections and 4.5 bags. If he is healthy, he can be a security guard in the center of defense, which the team can always take advantage of.

The downside for him is that he is 30 years old and this may be one of the reasons he remains unsigned.

The Broncos must return one of these players. Young makes the most sense because he is younger, but he is also familiar with new defense coordinator Ejira Ever, who has spent the last five seasons at Rams.

Teams need depth in every position, and both of these players would be better options than most of the guys listed above.

The Broncos should be re-signed by Kenny Young or Alexander Johnson

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