The C2 Corvette has been transformed from the C7 and 430 hp chassis. s. LS3 V8


The Chevrolet Corvette Generation C2 The Sting Ray is one of the most iconic and beloved American production cars. Now North Carolina’s Retro Designs has taken the C2 Corvette and moved it into the 21st century with a number of significant upgrades and modifications.

The first thing to note about this C2 corvette is that while it may look like most of the others you’ll see on the road, it actually has a frame built to order using the base and suspension components from the Vette Generation C7. This new chassis not only promises to change the way you drive and drive, but also allowed Retro Designs to install a 6.2-liter naturally aspirated LS3 V7 with 430 liters. wheels.

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A number of other significant mechanical changes have been made. For example, the C2 Corvette from Retro Designs has independent rear suspension and upgraded Wilwood brakes at all four corners, ensuring it can brake as well as accelerate thanks to the modern V8. A three-inch stainless steel exhaust was also installed.

When viewed from the outside, some aspects of the car are immediately obvious. The most notable are the chrome Beyern Spartan wheels, Nitto Motivo tires and the aforementioned rear brake calipers.

Retro Designs doesn’t call it a stop there. According to the company, it has spent hundreds of hours restoring and renovating the car’s interior, finishing it with new black leather and revising the shape of the seats to make them more comfortable. There is also a more modern center console, and the classic oil car has an upgraded sound system with Bluetooth connectivity. We’d prefer to listen to a V8 rather than any music, but hey, it’s certainly nice to have.

“Our goal at Retro Designs is to bring classic cars back to life and allow customers to use them safely without the hassles of retro-style restoration,” said Retro Designs general manager Daniel Valevac. “Our new year is 1965 C2 Sting Ray is a car that came to us from a customer who wanted to enjoy all the beautiful C2 style in a car that can be driven in modern conditions.

Restoration and restoration projects for the company start at $ 100,000.

The C2 Corvette has been transformed from the C7 and 430 hp chassis. s. LS3 V8

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