The chairman of the UNC faculty demands action after the report of plagiarism



Professor Mimi Chapman is Chair of the Faculty at UNC-Chapel Hill.

UNC-Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill Chair Mimi Chapman issued a statement demanding action from senior administrators following phone calls and emails from concerned faculty members about plagiarism report UNC Vice Chancellor for Science Terry Magnusson.

About an hour after the publication of her message the university announced his resignation.

Here is Chapman’s full statement on the honesty of research, which was sent to all faculty and other members of the campus community:

“Dear colleagues!

As a faculty, we are deeply saddened by the news that someone we hold in high esteem has been sanctioned by the National Institutes of Health for violating research. For many of us, we know how such things can happen, and so slowly make judgments as they should be. At the same time, research and science are the heart of this University Research 1. As a flagship, this is what sets us apart, makes us one of the top five public universities year after year, stimulates economic growth in our state and changes our world to the best. Our counties need to have confidence in us, and we need to have confidence in those who run our research venture.

Over the past few days, faculty members from across the university have been contacting me about the current situation with our Vice-Chancellor for Research, concerned that Vice Chancellor Magnusson has not resigned. As teachers, we believe that this situation can ruin our own science and give the impression that some members of our community are “untouchable” and for others such a situation will end their careers. Every hour I hoped an announcement would come so I wouldn’t have to make that statement. But that didn’t happen and we’re here. I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, but after consulting with those who regularly advise me, I believe I should speak out with faculty on the subject.

To our Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor, we ask you to resolve this situation in the interests of the institution and out of respect for this faculty with all intent speed.


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The chairman of the UNC faculty demands action after the report of plagiarism

Source link The chairman of the UNC faculty demands action after the report of plagiarism