The Corvette-Aping Mitsuoka Rock Star is now available in the LHD – but there’s a catch


Mitsuoka is known for its penchant for taking a variety of Japanese models and transforming them into works inspired by classics, with Japanese designer cars with brand new sheet metal with some retro details.

Honestly, their cars are usually marmouth. Some like that they take the reef on some classic designs with a modern basis. Others despise impostors. When it comes to the Mitsuoka Rock Star, there are a number of violations it does in the appearance of the car it mimics, namely Chevrolet Corvette second generation.

Although the body actually captures the theme of “Honey I Shrunk The Vette,” the fact that it is based on Mazda MX-5 means the firepower under the hood isn’t comparable to the 5.3- or 7.0-liter V8 you’d find with the original Chevy. 1.5-liter 4-column from Mazda with a capacity of 130 liters.

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And so far no question Rock star never, would never have fooled the purist, the fact that there was no left-hand drive edition (with right-hand drive only the latest version of the Vette) meant that one of the biggest drawbacks of the car was that the steering wheel was not on the other side of the original market Vette called home.

While we doubt small volume The Japanese automaker really had plans to sell Rock Star outside of Japan, it seems they could come up with an idea to at least offer an option to those riding the business. But there is a catch. The hint is in the official name, which is Rock Star 2.0 LHD Only1 Special.

This, of course, explains what is written on the can – LHD Rock Star – in each other. It is also the latest in a lineup where once only 200 units of the regular Rock Star have been produced, this special left-hand drive series (the base MX-5 was sourced from Canada) will be the latest shipment, finished in red ruby, with interior « The passion is blood-red. “

Apart from the blood of passion, this is an expensive swan song. At 9.9 million yen ($ 85,600 at the current exchange rate) it is almost twice as much as the standard Rock Star. Rarity will also not be the only obstacle to getting your hands on the LHD Only1 Special. Applicants will need to apply for the 500,000 yen ($ 4,325) lottery. A maximum of 100 individual lotteries will be open by February 14, and those who lose will be refunded.

The Corvette-Aping Mitsuoka Rock Star is now available in the LHD – but there’s a catch

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