The Denver Broncos 3 after Russell Wilson’s trading team should do


Off-season Denver Broncos: Mike McGlinchy № 69 of the San Francisco 49ers reacts before the start against the Arizona Cardinals at Levi Stadium on November 7, 2021 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images)

Now that Denver Broncos have a defender, what deals does the team have to make to fill the rest of their list?

Denver Broncos have a defender. He’s not just a quarterback, but rather a first ballot, Hall of Fame, the defender who won the Super Cup.

This is a great time to become a Denver Broncos fan.

Now that the situation with the defender is settled, we, the content creators, can stop talking about it, for the most part.

Now we can talk about team strategy when they are sent to a free agency. Denver will be in the market for certain positions in the free agency, but they also need to explore the potential of more deals.

Denver is now going all-in after this trade. They may not be spending a bunch of money in a free agency, but trading on Russell Wilson shows for me, anyway, that they are expecting at least a deep playoff series in 2022.

Denver would be wise to re-examine the trade market to find out who could potentially become available.

There are a few players who would make sense to call Denver Broncos when Wilson is on the spot.

Some of these deals may not be the main topic of every news agency, but they may be very smart and effective deals that the team can consider.

Denver Broncos: three deals after Wilson

1. Mike McGlinchy, RT

Mike McGlinchy was once the 9th pick in the 2018 draft. Early in his career he was behind the San Francisco 49ers.

He missed 13 games during his first four seasons, nine of which will take place in 2021.

His PFF scores were solidbut, according to the website, he has allowed five bags in each of his first three seasons and is taking more fines than he might like.

However, he is young. He is only 27 years old and he will play in the 5th year. The 49ers may not want to pay him on a long-term deal. They may think he is not worth the chance, given his slight concern for injury and sometimes inconsistent play.

However, he played in a scheme outside of Kyle Shanahan’s zone and could fit in well in Denver. He’s not a bad player anyway. In fact, it’s above average correct rolling if all is right.

Denver desperately needs a long-term solution in this position, and McGlinchy can offer that.

The Denver Broncos 3 after Russell Wilson’s trading team should do

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