The Denver Broncos receive an excellent rating for signing DJ Jones


The Denver Broncos are praised for moving to a subscription with coveted free agent in defensive lineman DJ Jones, one of the best DLs on the market.

The Denver Broncos have finally taken a step after a relatively quiet day during the NFL Free Agency talks. The team has agreed to a three-year contract with free agent defender Jay Jones, previously with the San Francisco 49ers.

Jones, who is just 27 years old, was considered one of the best defenders in the free agent market and one of the best available defenders.

The Denver Broncos will get a replacement for Shelby Harris in DJ Jones

After the Russell Wilson tradeDenver Broncos knew they would have to come out and get a replacement for home defense Shelby Harris, who had just signed a new deal with the team last offseason.

Now, Broncas there is someone on the spot who is 3.5 years younger than Harris and who will have a very good season with the 49ers.

In fact, DJ Jones is leaving a couple of very good seasons for the 49ers.

Over the past two years, he has 17 rebounds and 5.0 sacks. Last season, he made the best of his career 56 selections, demonstrating his impressive ability to play on the line of home defense.

There’s also more potential for passes than it seems at first glance, and Jones will come out on top and break through the line of scrimmage.

Jones also receives a good and well-deserved salary from the Broncos. This deal costs $ 30 million over three seasons with $ 20 million in guarantees, and an average of $ 10 million a year for a lineman in defense these days is no easy task.

Strictly speaking, Harris was signed to almost the same contract a year ago.

Given the team’s need for this position, Jones ’age (again, he’s only 27), his performance – especially against running – and his advantages as a forward-moving promoter, it’s hard to give this a rating other than“ A ”for George Payton and the Broncos.

One factor that also really plays in Jones ’favor? Last season he didn’t miss a single game for the 49ers.

The combination of factors here with Jones makes the Russell Wilson trade even better, in my opinion. This class of free agent on the defensive line wasn’t exactly “deep,” so for the Broncos to come out with a really good player like this, at a really good price, is interesting.

Overall score for the signature: A

The Broncos met a key need. They did not overpay. They got a player who is only 27 years old and he is still rising. They’ve added a strong starter who will pair well with Dre’Mont Jones for the future, and hopefully Jones will get a contract extension at some point.

The Denver Broncos receive an excellent rating for signing DJ Jones

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