The Detroit Lions promise to hit hard


The Detroit Lions are featured in the upcoming season on HBO Hard blows. Thinking fans of the franchise understand that this is great news because nothing has worked for decades, so why not try something new? We’re privy to a brand new trailer that shows off all the highlights as struggling Dan Campbell prepares to shock the world playoffs.

I will tell you right now. Send in your reservations because seats on this bandwagon will be in high demand. You can tell by the super-serious music and fast cuts that things are turning around at Motown. It will be nice to have a moment where everything falls into place for a cursed franchise saved on tape to return to after each successive Super Bowl.

Okay, seriously, this should be a pretty interesting year. And Campbell is going to come out of it as one of them NFLThe most popular trainers. Whether that leads to more than six wins remains to be seen.

The Detroit Lions promise to hit hard

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