The event Call of Duty “Godzilla vs. Congo” does not match the hype


One of the most important aspects of a live service game is its ability to keep players busy for long periods of time. This can be done in different ways, but the usual trend is to implement time-limited activities that are aimed at attracting players. Call of Duty: Warzoneone of the most popular free games with live service, relies heavily on its seasonal events, most recently with the implementation of Godzilla and King Kong.

An event called Operation Monarch began on May 10 and allows players to fight alongside massive monsters. Although the event itself was sometimes intriguing and hilarious, the marketing that led to Operation Monarch was very flawed, in part due to the fact that King Kong and Godzilla did not fight each other at all. Instead, the two beasts just wander aimlessly around the map, causing serious disappointment.

Misleading marketing

Operation Monarch is sending 60 players to the Caldera to become the last team. The catch is that Godzilla and King Kong – known as the Titans in the game – roam the island and can easily take players out. By collecting prey and damaging titanium, you will earn information that eventually accumulates and turns into rewards such as dropping cargo, gas masks or even a series of kills that allows you to control two creatures (which, however, is very cool) to attack other players.

There are a lot of problems in the mode itself, but the most egregious problem is that King Kong and Godzilla are not fighting each other, despite the trailers that give the impression that this will happen. Many fans expected this to happen almost as one of the Splatoon Splatfest events, where the community has to choose between two teams – in this case, the Godzilla team or the Congolese team – to fight throughout the event.

Instead, the Limited Time Mode (LTM) is more like a regular Resurgence Battle Royale with Congo and Godzilla shares on top rather than with monsters. One of the teaser trailers has literally a picture of King Kong fighting Godzilla, so it’s easy to see why the community was upset when it didn’t actually happen.

No rating

To understand what the community thinks about the event, Warzone streamer and influential figure ModernWarzone has published a poll. Of the 24,194 respondents, more than 70% voted that Operation Monarch was a “loss.” This is a small sample size, but given the stunning results this is an informative snapshot of the overall reception of the event.

Was #OperationMonarch W or L?

– ModernWarzone (@ModernWarzone) May 11, 2022

One of Activision’s priorities Warzone is to get newbies engaged, which can be challenging because of how challenging the game is. With an Operation Monarch event a novice or casual player can be completely wiped out during a match depending on who they pair with. Experienced players can easily sit back, shoot off one of the Titans and gather intelligence to eventually get their own setting, which can be used to easily bring out players who don’t know what they’re doing. In this regard, it is an attractive prerequisite for experienced players, but casual players will probably have a hard time.

Since this mode works like the worst version of a standard royal battle, there’s little reason to revisit it after a few matches. Of course, the spectacle of two massive titans is nice, but it gets old quickly, because in this mode there is not a ton of substance. It would be interesting if Activision implemented something more cinematic, especially since the stars have to be two giants. Perhaps giving players the opportunity to land on top of creatures to fight each other could make it special. Perhaps we could see a similar version of what is now in play, but with the ability to activate the Titans, allowing them to fight it.

Fortnite shows the way

For all my criticism, I understand that it is difficult to effectively mix massive monsters into a seemingly sound military shooter – especially in terms of development. Given Warzone he’s only a few years old, it’s clear that the developer of Raven Software (and other support services) is still learning what works and what doesn’t. In this case, finding a way to please all the players is a mass affair. Players are often willing to forgive the developer for bugs here and there – the main problem is that the trailers did not match the final product.

After all, Operation Monarch is not the worst event Warzone received. Warzone has a story of terrible events such as Avant-garde discover that required players to just shoot the train for an excruciatingly long time. Thus, compared to this event, Operation Monarch is an improvement, although the bar is admittedly low.

Given the precedent set Fortnitein which large-scale events are held, which are usually positive, it is easy to understand why players would be unhappy Warzone Operation Monarch. Activision has to find a way Fortnite makes its events – especially large-scale modes that represent shared gameplay – and records them Warzone. Something like massive Fortnite The Galactus event, which allowed players to enjoy a more manageable experience, was fantastic, so perhaps Activision could add its own back to a similar formula to do something compelling. Operation Monarch was certainly a step in the right direction, but Activision still needs to make a lot of improvements when it comes to Warzone events.

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The event Call of Duty “Godzilla vs. Congo” does not match the hype

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