The future Sonos budget sound bar will cost $ 249


Sonos is known for producing high quality speakers to pump up your ears full of music. It is also known to charge a lot for these speakers. Well, according to Edge, Sonos is working on a more budget sound bar. How budget? Well, it’s the S36 model, and it will sell for $ 249 if it launches later.

Sonos is definitely a luxury brand. He has some others sound panels what it offers, but it’s not something you buy on a limited budget. If you think $ 249 is bad, then you don’t want to hear about the $ 449 Beam sound bar. It still pales in comparison to the $ 899 ARC.

What about the Sonos Model S36 sound bar?

The sound bar is similar to a Bluetooth speaker on steroids, and the S36 meets these requirements. It is codenamed “Rage” and has a north length of 21.6 inches. You connect it to the TV or to everything you use to watch and it will rip out the sound. The speakers built into the TV usually produce lower quality sound compared to a well-made sound bar.

Unfortunately, there are no official images of the device, but people from The Verge were able to get a visualization of the device based on the description. In the render, we see what the Sonos S36 will look like when the front is removed. We see a symmetrical design with two smaller drivers in the center and two large ones at the ends. Since it is a budget brother, it does not have as many drivers as the more expensive brothers.

The Sonos S36 also won’t have some features to lower the price. More expensive speakers with built-in microphones act as smart speakers, but the S36 will not. This means that you will not be able to use assistants such as Google Assistant or Alexa.

As for connections, there is no HDMI port on this speaker. You will only have an optical port to connect to the display. Also, this speaker is not compatible with Dolby Digital surround sound.

So in general, it’s a speaker (no more, no less). He is smaller than his dearest siblings, and he doesn’t have many frills. However, if you are bored after a Sonos sound bar, but you’ve never had the money, you might want to think about buying the S36 when it launches. This speaker is expected to be unveiled on June 7.

The future Sonos budget sound bar will cost $ 249

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