The graphics power of the AMD Zen4 is unmatched by the Steam Deck


According to the latest information about the village AMD Ryzen 7000 processorThe chip comes with a built-in RDNA2 graphics card, and while enough, it’s still much less powerful than the one in the Steam Deck handheld console.

Based on figures provided by well-known hardware manufacturers as well as the latest AMD drivers, the iGPU on future Zen4 processors will offer about a third of Steam Deck performance.

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– 遠 坂 小 町 (@KOMACHI_ENSAKA) February 24, 2022

The upcoming AMD Ryzen 7000 processors codenamed Raphael will have an integrated RDNA2 graphics card in both desktop and laptop versions. This is new; the vast majority of AMD chips of the current generation do not come with iGPU – even high-end models relied on discrete graphics cards. The only exception is the AMD Ryzen 5000G series, which comes with built-in graphics.

A Komachi_Ensaka user on Twitter teased that the iGPU RDNA2 on future Raphael processors could have two workgroup processors (WPGs) and a total of four computing units (CUs). In addition to Komachi’s speculation, the new AMD System Management Unit (SMU) driver has allegedly revealed that the built-in GPU in the Ryzen 7000 chip will have a clock speed of up to 1.1 GHz. Unfortunately, it is not specified whether this figure refers to the base clock or the boost clock. As reported VideoCardzthis would give up to 0.5 teraflops of single-precision computational performance.

These figures are not very impressive. Valve’s newly released Steam Deck portable console is also equipped with an AMD APU and comes with RDNA2 graphics, but this graphics processor offers much better performance with a clock speed of up to 1.6 GHz and a computing speed of up to 1.6 teraflops. In short, soon best processors from AMD will have about a third of the graphics power offered by the portable Steam.

While on paper it sounds grim, it’s not really that important. Most people who need extra GPU power are likely planning to invest in a graphics card along with their fresh Zen4 processor. The IGPU offered by the Ryzen 7000 may not be very great, but it will be an alternative for undemanding desktop users. It is also important to remember that even Komachi_Ensaka says that these are all assumptions, so the final figures may differ from what we see now.

However, when it comes to laptops, things are changing – in ultra-thin designs there is often no room to place a discrete graphics card, and in this case the graphics of the Zen4 CPU should probably be a little better. AMD has not revealed whether the desktop version of the Ryzen 7000 will be different from the mobile in terms of graphics.

With the new line Raphael AMD is going to catch up with Intel, moving to a new platform and socket. The processors will run on the LGA1718 socket, also known as the AM5, but continue to support AM4 coolers. The AMD Ryzen 7000 also offers DDR5 and PCIe Gen 5.0 memory support. It was originally planned to release CPUs later this year may launch as early as the second quarter of 2022.

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The graphics power of the AMD Zen4 is unmatched by the Steam Deck

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