The Instagram test allows you to pin certain posts to your profile


Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow you to pin certain messages over the web to your profile page.

Testing is currently limited to a separate group of platform users. To find out if you are one of them, just go to one of your posts, click on the three dots at the top right and find the message “attach to your profile” in the list of options.

Instagram confirmed TechCrunch that he is considering adding content to his program by telling the news release: “We’re testing a new feature that allows people to post to their profile.”

While the existing Instagram Stories feature allows you to select content to highlight on your profile page, setup takes a little longer compared to simply pinning a photo to your profile page. Also, while the Stories content disappears after 24 hours, the pinned photo will remain in place until you decide to delete it.

Giving users the ability to attach certain posts to their profile page would be great for, say, professional photographers, as it offers an easy way to showcase a particular job rather than leaving it deep in the tape. Brands and influential people would also definitely welcome the opportunity to have more control over the look of their profile pages.

Function testing comes months after Silicon Valley insider Alessandro Paluca said Instagram was considering the ideaalthough at the time it seemed that this allowed users to attach images at the top of the grid rather than above it.

We should note that because this is a test, it is likely that it will not be distributed to the whole community. However, if it proves popular and works as planned, expect Instagram to introduce this feature – or at least a version of it – in the coming months.

We’ve contacted Instagram for more information on the new feature, and we’ll update this article when we get a response.

News of the latest test comes in the same month Instagram has added new features in the Instant Messaging app.

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The Instagram test allows you to pin certain posts to your profile

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