The iPhone 14 Pro can match the Galaxy S22 on one key principle


Apple’s iPhone 14 may get an increase in RAM, which will give it the largest amount of memory in the history of the series, according to new rumors.

Although Apple never advertises how much RAM it includes in its phones, it is known that the iPhone 14 Pro can have up to 8GB of RAM. This would bring the iPhone 14 Pro in line with the new one Samsung Galaxy S22 a series of smartphones.

Current iPhone 13 Pro the model has 6GB of RAM on board, which is already the most that Apple includes in the iPhone, so it might be surprising if the company decides to do it again so quickly.

The source is also not the one we met before, so it is difficult to comment on the veracity of the message. It came from Naver’s account about a poster called “yeux1122‘and picked up MacRumors.

According to an Apple-centric site, the source has mixed figures when predicting that iPad mini 6 would have arrived. It has the right release window and chassis, but the wrong display size. The site calls the rumors “plausible.”

Although 8GB of memory will be an additional increase for iPhone users, RAM is not considered the same barometer of operating system speed as competing Android phones. The full integration of Apple’s homemade software and silicon A-Series allows for fantastic optimization of the entire package, and the iPhone has long been comparable to its competitors, despite its quantitatively smaller RAM.

For example, the iPhone 13 has less memory than the newer Samsung Galaxy S22 models. However, Apple’s model surpassed Samsung’s latest and best model in some tests.

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The iPhone 14 Pro can match the Galaxy S22 on one key principle

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