The prototype Porsche LMDh passed the 2000 km test in Barcelona


Porsche continues to test and develop it new LMDh prototype and recently passed more than 2,000 km (1,243 miles) of testing on the Catalonia track near Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Throughout the tests, the German team focused on setting up various prototype systems, developing tires and optimizing the interaction between the turbocharged V8 engine and related hybrid components. Among those who were able to drive the car were newly appointed Porsche plant drivers Felipe Nasr and Dane Cameron.

“Successful trials in Barcelona have been an extremely important step,” said Porsche Motorsport Vice President Thomas Laudenbach. “During our first laps on the test track in Weissach, it was very important to make sure that the basic functions of the LMDh prototype worked. In Spain, we saw the whole scope of development: endurance runs, tuning and, very importantly, optimization of interaction between all partners involved in this project. I was very impressed by how quickly employees from Porsche, Penske, Michelin, Multimatic and others came together. I would like to thank everyone for the role they played. “

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Porsche has not yet announced the full specifications of the power unit of its prototype, other than confirmation that it has a “high-power” V8 dual-turbocharged V8, designed to run on renewable fuels. The prototype also features a battery from Williams Advanced Engineering, a motor-generator and control electronics from Bosch, and a transmission from Xtrac. At the heart of the race car is a chassis from Multimatic.

While the prototype tested in Barcelona was in camouflage, it was equipped with functional headlights, which was not the case with the car that protested in January at Porsche.

“We have completed the first tests on a ‘real’ race track and have more than doubled the mileage of the new Porsche LMDh to more than 2,000 kilometers,” added Urs Kuratle, director of the Porsche Motorsport LMDh plant. “This shows that we made very good use of the time after the planned but canceled tests for this intensive training. Taking into account our partners, there were more than 70 people on the track. “

Porsche will continue to test its LMDh prototype on tracks across Europe and North America this year before debuting in January 2023 at the 24 Hours of Dayton.

The prototype Porsche LMDh passed the 2000 km test in Barcelona

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