The woman was detained, the policeman hit her 3 times for shopping at McDonald’s


An internal review is underway after the video of the police-involved arrest was released in Ohio.

The video shows the officer hitting the woman several times in the head.

It all started with a piece of cheese and ended with Latina Hancock in the back of a police cruiser.

“I almost lost my life over it,” Hancock said.

Hancock got emotional watching the video.

“I said, ‘Now I’m going to be quiet, I’m going to stand up, I’m not going to be George Floyd; they won’t put me down,” she said.

The incident

A police surveillance camera shows what led up to the moment when a Butler Township police officer punched Hancock three times in the McDonalds parking lot.

Hancock explains to the officers that she was trying to return the money and the employee called the police on her.

“She refused to take my dollar to give me 30 cents after I paid for the extra cheese,” Hancock said. “She got an attitude because I asked her for my money back and called the police because she wouldn’t give me my money back.”

Officers Todd Stanley and Tim Zeller heard her side of the story, then asked for her first and last name to issue a trespass notice.

“If you don’t stop, you’ll end up in jail,” one of the officers said.

Hancock gives the officers his name as they requested.

“HANCOCK Hancock; write it down so I can go,” she said. “I’m not giving you anything, I already said.”

Officers did arrest Hancock after she gave them her name.

“You are under arrest for failure to identify,” said one of the officers.

It escalated quickly. The video shows the officers grabbing her and Officer Zeller pulling out his Taser. Hancock tried to talk them out of it, but it was too late.

Officer Stanley is seen punching her three times in the face and head.

“You hit me of your own free will,” Hancock said. “I didn’t hit you, I didn’t resist.”


CNN’s Mamie Ba asked Butler City Police Chief John Porter about the incident.

“Do you believe your officers used excessive force?” Bach asked.

“I’m not going to comment on that until the entire investigation is complete,” Porter said.

On Tuesday, the department opened an investigation into the conduct of both officers, but only Officer Stanley is on paid administrative leave.

Hancock and her legal team said that was not enough.

“We’re asking that he be fired and charged,” said Hancock’s attorney, Michael Wright. “Yes, both officers, we ask that they be charged. That’s what we’re asking for, and we want an independent investigator. It has to stop, these officers and their brutality and their condescending approach.”

Wright says the officers injured his client because of the use of force and said Butler Township and McDonald’s played a role in what happened to her.

“What does justice look like to you?” Bach asked.

“They taught us all to be responsible,” Hancock said. “Every action has consequences.”

The woman was detained, the policeman hit her 3 times for shopping at McDonald’s

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