There are two new phones created for the Dish network


Dish is diligently developing its 5G network. He wants to become the fourth largest carrier in the United States, and everything can go smoothly. According to Telephone scooptwo phones have just passed FCC certification, which are created for the Dish network.

Dish wants to become the next major US carrier

Dish lags behind the fast-approaching deadline. Right now by mid-June this year, it should cover at least 20% of the U.S. with its 5G flavor. That was part of the deal when T-Mobile acquired Sprint. So Dish did a great job testing his network. According to the company, things are actually going well, but we need to take it with a pinch of salt.

Dish is testing his network in Las Vegas, which is a good city to test it out. Not only that, but the company is looking to test its own 5G in other cities of the country. These cities include Orlando, Florida, Prescott, Arizona, Salt Lake City, Utah, Texas City, Texas and a few more.

So far all we need is word of mouth campaign. The world of technology is waiting for solid data such as data rates, but it has to wait until Dish can conduct some tests.

Two new phones are coming to Dish Network

Although there is nothing further, we have reports of two new phones created for the new network. These new phones have also passed FCC certification.

These phones have model numbers XT2213 and XT2215. Now we only know the model numbers and nothing more. However, according to the FCC list, these seem to be Motorola phone model numbers, as Motorola Mobility is listed as the applicant’s name. These phones are designed to use the 5G 70 range.

It is difficult to say whether these are phones created for the Dish network, or whether these are existing phones but configured for the Dish network. Whether Dish already has a company that makes phones for its services, it could hint at a new partnership.

There are two new phones created for the Dish network

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