These programs can help digitize your physical photos and negatives


You can take it for granted that you come with a high-quality camera in your pocket that can hold thousands of photos. We are so used to taking photos without attention, knowing that they will turn out perfectly without having to mess with the camera settings.

Your smartphone makes it easy to share any photo with anyone at any time. But if your phone isn’t your first camera, you may have old negatives. You can take them to design or scan to your phone to easily view and share them. Click here for tips on converting your old negatives to digital photos.

The physical scanner is one of the routes along which you can digitize your photo collection, but (surprise, surprise) you can also use the app. Here are three great options.

PhotoScan from Google Photos

Google PhotoScan is a free program for iOS and Android which scans your photos several times and then connects all the images together to remove glare and improve the quality of the final image. The app works with matte and glossy prints and photos inside or outside albums.

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You take an initial photo shot on your smartphone and then take four additional shots according to the app’s instructions. The app uses an algorithm to detect and crop photo areas, auto edge detection, rotation correction and perspective adjustment to show front view.

Using PhotoScan is as simple as taking a photo with the camera:

  • Open up Photoscan app and hold your phone over the photo.
  • Click on to capture button to allow the image to be saved to your device.
  • Move the phone to get a circle over each of the four points.
  • Once the photo is processed, click photo thumbnail.
  • Select a photo to rotate, adjust angles or delete.

You can use Google Photos to store and organize your scans. From there, you can edit your images and share them with others.

Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens (formerly Office Lens) is a free, business-oriented scanning program that works with documents, whiteboards, business cards, receipts, menus, signs, handwritten notes, or anything else that contains text that you want to import. to your phone. It is certainly best to print everything by hand.

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The iOS and Android the app also works with photos and automatically corrects things like shadows and odd angles.

Microsoft Lens makes it easy to digitize your photos in a few steps:

  • Open Microsoft Lens and swipe left or right at the bottom of the screen and select Photo.
  • Aim the camera at the photo you want to take and make sure it is in the orange frame. You can turn the flash on and off before pressing the camera button to take a picture.
  • Now you can Add new image before scanning, apply a Filter to the image Harvest, The cookor Delete image or tag it Feather or with Text.
  • Click Done when you’re done.

You can save photos in your phone’s gallery.

Best option for negatives: FilmBox from Photomyne

FilmBox is a smart scanning app iOS and Android which digitizes your old camera film negatives using only your smartphone. You can view, shoot and save movie negatives, which simplifies their viewing, organization and sharing.

FilmBox converts negative image colors into positive ones and then improves the overall look.

All you need is a light source and your smartphone to get started:

  • Place the negatives in a dark or lighted room and open FilmBox application.
  • The only source of light should be the backlight, which can be obtained by opening the white screen on a tablet or computer. You can also use the link provided in the appendix. Set the maximum brightness setting on the backlight.
  • Hold the film strip upright in front of the light and hold it straight. Make sure perforated borders are included in the scan screen.
  • Keep the negatives about two inches from the light source and tap on the app to capture button. You can also activate voice control and say “Go”. Note: Voice control is only available for iOS.
  • Your image will be saved as a digital photo in the app.

The first few scans are free, but you’ll have to pay for a subscription if you want to grab more. The two-year plan costs $ 39.99 and gives you unlimited access to the app and its features.

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These programs can help digitize your physical photos and negatives

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