This email informs you that your Google Account will be marked as inactive


Depending on what you are using it for, account blocking can range from minor inconveniences to a nightmare. The first thing you need to do is relax and not make the situation worse.

There is no bottom in the bag of tricks. If you find that you are blocked in your social media account, do not turn to strangers who promise to help you get back. Even though there are legal services, you run the risk of passing on your information to thieves. Click here for tips on how to handle this.

Some Google users are now receiving emails stating that their accounts they regularly use will be marked as inactive. This has all the hallmarks of a phishing scam, but is this message legitimate? Keep reading to find out what to do when you receive this email.

Here is the background

If a fraudster pretends to be a brand or company to get personal information or money from victims, this is called phishing. These attempts usually come via email, text or social media. They are difficult to detect, as recently discovered by Mailchimp customers when the service was hacked. Click or click here to get our report.

A letter from Google stating that your active account will be marked as inactive should definitely trigger red flags. Some people recently went to a Google support forum to report a message. One person posted a screenshot with the subject: “Your Google Account will be inactive soon».

Another user replied that the problem was “widely reported” and associated with another flow. Google spam filters should catch these dummy emails, so what gives?

ScreenRant contacted Google One Support and wrote: “This seems to be a bug with Google Inactive Account Manager.” This is not a scam. According to ScreenRant, Google “has assured that a warning about an inactive account will not affect access to Google applications and will not result in data loss.”

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What is an inactive account manager?

If you find yourself in a situation where you know you haven’t used your Google Account for a while, you can use the Inactive Account Manager to notify your trusted contacts and give them access to your account. You can set the amount of time Google will consider your account inactive.

This is a valuable feature for people who are nearing the end of their lives or working at risky jobs. It can give you peace of mind that someone can handle your account if the worst happens.

The error we described in this report was related to the Inactive Account Manager. The messages may have been related to accounts marked as close to the inactivity date when Google typically sent reminders.

If you receive an email warning that your account will soon be inactive, you can ignore it if you have actively used your account. If you want to set up an inactive account manager, go to and press Get startedthen follow the on-screen instructions.

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This email informs you that your Google Account will be marked as inactive

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