This Friday in Wolverhampton Oli Cooper stops with a score of 3-0

Oli Cooper

This Friday in Wolverhampton Oli Cooper stops with a score of 3-0 | YouTube channel

Oli Cooper vs. TBA

Venue of hangars, Wolverhampton, England – May 6, 2022

Oli Cooper ready to drop his hands when chasing a professional girl for the fourth time request.

It is designed for extra ring time within BCB shares‘show in Wolverhampton, at Hangar Events (Pearson Street), Friday night, May 6th.

It was a learning curve for the 21-year-old left-hander, who debuted last October after previously being close to top domestic awards as an amateur.

He reached the national finals of the English Youth Championship as part of an amateur race, as a result of which he held 26 fights, with 18 victories among them.

His professional bow showed that he surpassed double captain Kevin McCauley, winning all four rounds 40-36.

He has since battled Paul Cummings and Josh Cook, defeating both with a 40-37-point verdict, losing only a share of one round in each competition.

Cooper of Cannock believes he evolved during that professional experience and used his latest training camp to focus on hitting power.

He also believes he fills his frame 6 feet 4 inches, and already has a clear advantage in height over opponents in the middleweight division.

Cooper said, “No respect for Josh (Cook), and it wasn’t easy, but I thought I could sit back and box a little more, which was nice, and it allowed me to dictate the pace.

“I felt like I was more on my front foot and showed some dominance, which shows that I’m adapting to a professional style and trying to move on from an amateur.

“I’ve worked harder in this camp to be aggressive and I feel a lot better and stronger, so I plan to get stopped if the opportunity arises.

“I’m only 21, and maybe I’m a belated developer, in terms of my masculine strength. Slowly but surely, it’s coming to this now, though it’s far from 100 percent.

“I feel much more comfortable, and in sparring I am not repulsed or mocked by opponents. I am improving all the time.

“I want to campaign in the middleweight division, and other than against Kev (McCauley), who was actually in supersports, I managed it.

“I’ve shown a part of what I’m capable of and I feel like I can box in a dream sometimes. The boxing brain is definitely there, and it’s a good foundation for me. ”

Tickets to the hangar account at £ 40 standard or £ 75 for the VIP buffet can be obtained from the BCB box office by phone 07493 582 261 or visiting

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This Friday in Wolverhampton Oli Cooper stops with a score of 3-0

Source link This Friday in Wolverhampton Oli Cooper stops with a score of 3-0