Thomas Tuchel wants a Premier League referee to never manage Chelsea again | football

Anthony Taylor shows Thomas Tuchel a red card after the final whistle at Stamford Bridge (Image: Getty Images)

Thomas Tuchel says it would be better if Anthony Taylor no longer took charge Chelsea matches, saying his players worry if Taylor is the man with the whistle.

The German spoke after an eventful London derby with Tottenham, which ended 2-2 thanks to a last-minute equaliser Harry Kane.

The drama didn’t end until the final whistle, with both Tuchel and Spurs boss Antonio Conte receiving red cards after coming together and exchanging angry words.

However, that’s not what Tuchel was angry about, believing none of Tottenham’s goals should have stood. He was angry at what he believed to be a foul and offside in the build-up to the first half, while he was furious that Christian Romero pulled Marco Cucurella’s hair before Kane’s header.

Chelsea fans have been frustrated with Taylor in the past, with memorable complaints against Spurs and Arsenal over the years, and when asked about supporters objecting to the referee, Tuchel said his players weren’t happy with him either.

“Not just the fans,” Tuchel said. “You know the players, they know what’s going on when they’re on the pitch. They know it.”

Asked if his players were worried about Taylor taking charge, the manager said: “Yes, of course.”

Tuchel actually blamed VAR rather than the referee for not scoring Cucurello by the hair, but also said it would have been better if he had been asked if Taylor should be suspended from Chelsea games in the future.

“Maybe that’s better,” Tuchel said. “But to be honest, we also have VAR to help make the right decision. Since when can players be pulled by the hair? Since when is this [not a foul]? If he doesn’t see it, I don’t blame him. I didn’t see it. But we have people at VAR who check it. Then you see, and how can it not be a penalty and a red card?

Tuchel and Conte clashed twice at Stamford Bridge (Photo: Getty Images)

“In this case, it wasn’t even about the referee. If he doesn’t see something, that’s why we have people checking to see if there’s a fatal error.”

In a final comment from the official, Tuchel was told he could now miss Chelsea’s trip to Leeds and replied: “So… ok. I can’t coach, but the referee can blow the whistle for the next game.”

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Thomas Tuchel wants a Premier League referee to never manage Chelsea again | football

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