Tide get an auspicious NCAA tournament draw


Basketball in Alabama is dancing again

Despite the fact that the season ended in a series of losses, Alabama basketball reached the NCAA tournament. The Tide will be dancing for the second season in a row, but after a disappointing year they have below.

Alabama is 6-seeds in the Western Region. This means that they are in the same region as the main team of the country. While this may seem bad, it’s actually a favorable draw for Crimson Tide.

For starters they start an NCAA tournament against a gaming team. It can have unpleasant results, but these are the worst teams by and large in theory. Alabama basketball will play with either Rutgers or Notre Dame, and they are much better than both teams.

3rd seed – Texas Tech, but the Red Raiders are far from winning the first round. Even if Texas Tech wins, they have lost three of their last six games and have the worst perimeter shooting team in the country. The defense is strong, but they can be defeated.

The two best teams in the Western region are Gonzaga and Duke. The Alabama basketball team has already beaten Gonzaga once, and Duke has ended the regular season with several unsuccessful losses. They have to finish with the title to end coach K’s career, but they have weaknesses that Tide can use.

None of this matters if Alabama can’t fix their mistakes at the end of the season. Tide needs to work on making better decisions to avoid trouble and limit turnover. They should also avoid game-changing runs that have taken place in recent weeks. However, the path is achievable for Alabama basketball.

This team is incredibly unstable, and no one has a perfect path to the Final Four. However, this is a good starting point for the tide. We’ll see how that goes in Alabama’s first game against Notre Dame or Rutgers.

Tide get an auspicious NCAA tournament draw

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