TikTok-style rings appear in YouTube profile photos


All popular social networks and video sharing platforms have some kind of live broadcast feature. Sometimes it’s hard to know when your favorite content creator is live. That’s why YouTube has introduced a useful (and derived) way to find out if they’re broadcasting. According to Edgethe company has introduced live rings that appear on YouTube profiles when they appear live.

YouTube provides live calls to know when people are live

A lot of the time YouTuber can be alive, but most people don’t know it. Sure, you can know if you accidentally went on their channel, but there must be a way to find out if you’re not on their channel. Here are the new YouTube Live rings. If the channel is currently live, the profile image will have a red ring labeled “LIVE” at the bottom. Clicking on the profile photo will take you directly to the live broadcast.

And now let’s turn to the elephant in the room: it was lifted from another platform. This means another feature from TikTok on which other companies imitated. The platform has a similar feature that will show whether a person is alive. The YouTube ring is a little redder and a little thicker. In addition, the TikTok version has a looping animation with a ring that bursts and the profile image pulsates.

Honestly, this is a good feature in every way. While scrolling through the videotape, the red ring in the profile photos could more easily have attracted people’s attention. This could make people go to the channel and watch the content.

In other YouTube news: YouTube Vanced has returned a counter of dislikes

If you wanted to bring back the dislike counter on YouTube, you may have a desire. YouTube Vanced has just announced that it has returned a dislike counter for the video. Last year, YouTube got rid of the dislike counter for all videos on the platform. No one actually asked for it, and most people rejected the idea, but here we are.

That’s why YouTube’s alternative, YouTube Vanced, added counter dislike back. The first page of the company lists a set of features of the program, and one of them – the counter of hostility. This has been mentioned along with ad blocking capabilities, super-dark mode and a variety of settings.

TikTok-style rings appear in YouTube profile photos

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