Too many cables and cords? Use this simple trick to distinguish them


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Sometimes I can help you with a problem you didn’t even know existed. For example, have you ever noticed this horrible bunch of cables growing out of your networked networks? When it comes time to replace the monitor, it may be impossible to figure out which cord to disconnect. Don’t worry. I have the perfect solution.

Where will this cable go?

Nowadays, almost everyone is expected to have a box or corner of the room dedicated to the interference of technological wires, resembling a wiry black octopus. Even with so much information stored digitally in the cloud, there are still chargers for phones and laptops and connecting cables of all kinds that can be tracked.

How many times have you approached a tangle of cords, thinking which one is the one you are looking for? And as soon as you find it, you need to find out which port it should connect to? I have an interesting solution for the fix in which you are!

How to control all these HDMI cables

One of the cables you may encounter most often is the HDMI connector. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. These cables connect a digital device, such as an Amazon Fire TV Stick, to an output format such as your TV or laptop. Click here to get a deal on HDMI technology.

An HDMI cable transmits both audio and visual components, so one of them takes the place of several cables and sockets needed for AV devices in the past. (Remember the red, white and yellow connections on your old VCR?)

The HDMI connector can support standard, HD and general surround formats. You can use an HDMI cable to connect the PlayStation to a TV or Roku to a projector, and high definition audio and video can be transmitted via a single cable. Click or click here to get some useful tricks for Amazon Fire TV Stick.

If your output device, such as a TV, has only two or three HDMI ports, you can get an HDMI switch that is a bit like a power cord with multiple outlets. You can then connect multiple devices to your screen or computer.

The HDMI connection will only be one-way, so it’s important to navigate properly when connecting.

Cable Encoding 101

Returning to the problem of ordering cables, HDMI or other formats. Some devices you can keep connected, but others you may need to uninstall to migrate or reboot your system.

Here’s what you can do to prevent confusion:

  • Type stickers: these can be labels on which you can write, or just colored dots. Komando reader Tony Meckenhammer suggests using colored star stickers made of foil.
  • Once you determine what type of system you like, attach the same label or color sticker to both the cable and the device port.
  • If you reconnect the cord, match the cable sticker to the port sticker.
  • Be sure to place the sticker in the same position on each cord. Try placing it on top of the cord so you can easily find the right orientation to the port.

Simple! You can easily see where the cable fits, even in the dark reaching for the TV. If you make a mistake with the cable, the sticker you used will also show you which device it belongs to if it is not already applied to the cord.

Don’t let computer cords overwhelm you and cause you anxiety. Just decide where they are going and combine them with a sticker or label accordingly. As my friend likes to say: “Outward order, inner peace!”

Too many cables and cords? Use this simple trick to distinguish them

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