Top 10 Free NFL Agents


NFL free agency on us. It will start on March 16, but the window unofficially opens this afternoon at ET as the period of legal intervention begins. Monday is the day when, in theory, major deals will be made, which are then signed on Wednesday.

In honor of this monumental event, here are the top 10 players available to go to a free agency.

Kirk is a great candidate for the right WR team. He is just 25 years old, and last season he caught 77 passes from Kailer Murray, averaging more than 12 yards per reception. Kirk is a slot burner that ran a 4.46 40-yard jerk and knows how to use that speed in a weapon. It’s unclear how far Kirk is still up, and Cliff Kingsbury’s quick attack could increase the numbers. But the WR class is weak during this period of free agency, and Kirk has proven that he is, at worst, a reliable receiver № 3 with the ability to exhibit significant numbers.

Top 10 Free NFL Agents

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