Triangle organizations celebrate MLK Day


RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) — Organizations in the Triangle are celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Members of the Triangle MLK Jr. Committee, the city of Raleigh and others gathered Friday for the Triangle MLK Jr. Committee’s annual wreath-laying ceremony.

Those present gathered to sing songs and pray.

“Basically, this is an event to begin commemorating the sacrifices and dedication that people have made for us so that we can enjoy the many privileges that we have,” said William Lucas, chairman of the Triangle MLK Jr. Committee.

This is the first of many events to take place in the triangle.

At the First Baptist Church in Raleigh, civil servants joined North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper in marking Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a state program.

“Nearly 60 years later, Dr. King’s work guides us as we work toward this goal … a society that is at peace with itself and can live with its conscience,” said Governor Cooper.

One public servant was honored with the 2023 John R. Larkins Award for his commitment to workplace equality and volunteerism.

Lucas says he has one task this holiday.

“I challenge people during dr. A royal day to meet someone you don’t normally talk to, talk to someone who doesn’t look like you, really talk to individuals who may differ from your philosophies but try to find common goals and that’s what he did, and I think that’s what he was a master at,” Lucas said.

Events open a series of events leading up to the holiday.

On Monday, the Triangle MLK Jr. Committee. plans to hold a breakfast as well as a march downtown.

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Triangle organizations celebrate MLK Day

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