Uhuru Cup: Can Antonio justify his bills?


When Bill Antonio left home on Friday to join his teammates on a trip to Bulawayo for this year’s Uhuru Cup, the young man’s body language said a lot about what he had become.

In the eyes of those who call the high-density suburb Divarasekwa their home, a former student at Prince Edward’s school is just a boy in the neighborhood, but for “7 Million” fans, Dembar is a man capable of pushing the Harare giants to dizzying heights.

In his neighborhood, everything is connected with the Easter holiday, but for the teenage sensation, everything works as usual – he needs to meet with other teammates on the Dembar to travel to the City of Kings.

“Did you have an ID ?!” – shouts the mother, to which the teenager replies: “Yes, there is.”

He greets the friend who stopped him and heads to look for transportation to the central business district.

The confidence he goes in when he leaves reflects a footballer who is completely focused on his task.

Dynamo will meet Highlanders’ main rivals in the Independence Cup tomorrow at Baburfields Stadium.

The huge money provided by the main sponsor of the two giants Sakunda Holdings is also not the only right to brag.

This will be the first time since he started wearing the iconic blue-and-white shirt the young man is playing in front of a large crowd, as Emagumeni is likely to be recruited to the end.

If Antonio repeats the magic he has created over the past few weeks, and pushes Dembar to the Boss, one can only imagine what will happen to the young man with little tongue.

Uhuru Cup: Can Antonio justify his bills?

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