Ukrainian space artist Sergei Bogachuk returns home to fight with compatriots


Ukrainian space artist Sergei Bogachuk returns home to fight with compatriots (Christian von Sponek) YouTube channel

Sergei Bogachuk against Mikael Zhevsky

Colosseum Videatron in Troyes, Canada – March 25, 2022

Like many brave Ukrainians, Sergey “El Flaco” Bogachuk (20-1, 20 KOs) returned home, defending his country, fighting with his compatriots against the Russian invasion, which forced him to abandon the planned March 25 showdown with the Canadian heavyweight Mikael Zhevsky (35-2, 23 KO).

The Colosseum Vidéotron Coliseum in Troyes-Riviera, Canada, will host its inaugural professional boxing competition, which will begin at 7pm on ET, represented by Mise-O-Jeu, co-promoting it Yvonne Michelle’s group (Gym) s The problemand in collaboration with Deacon Sports and Entertainment Ltd.

Bogachuk joins other Ukrainian fighters who joined the fight, such as former world heavyweight champions Vitaly and Wladimir Klitschkoas well as the current sole world heavyweight champion Alexander Usik and 3-time world champion in three divisions Vasily Lomachenko.

Zeuski, a former IBF North American champion and WBO NABO welterweight champion, is fighting in the super-middleweight division only for the second time. His new rival in the main event in the 10 rounds of the Continental American Championship according to the WBC super middleweight – a former contender for the title of world champion Carlos “Chema” Acampa Manriquez (32-1, 20 KOs) from Mexico, whose only professional lost in 2018 to IBF World Lightweight Champion Eral Spence Jr.

“We welcome Bogachuk’s courage to return home and fight his compatriots in this war,” said GYM President Yvonne Michel. “Our hearts and prayers are with him and all Ukrainians to whom we wish peace. Mikael is still in a very tough fight with Manriquez, the 8th ranked WBO heavyweight champion.

“GYM is pleased to jointly promote this consignment note together with our partner, Probellum, in our boxing series. We have not only some of the best Canadian boxers in action, but we are also pleased that three Olympians are fighting in individual fights: Arthur Biarslanov, Joseph Ward and Herbert Carvalho Sousa.

In the 10-round joint competition the undefeated is super easy Mauladin Biyarslanov (9-0, 7 KOs). Roberta Verduga (10-3-1, 4 KOs), Mexico. Fighting from Toronto, Biarslanov represented Canada at the 2016 Olympics. Verdugo has not lost in its last 6 fights, has won 5 and 1 draw.

An invincible Irish superlight prospect Joseph the “Mighty” Ward (6-1, 3 KOs) is scheduled to fight this opponent in a 4-round match. Ward is a three-time European amateur champion and also represents Ireland at the 2016 Olympics.

Great scenery Brazilian medium weight Herbert Caravallio Souza debuts professionally in the 4-round against TBA. The 23-year-old Souza won gold medals at the 2020 Olympics and the 2019 World Cup.

Former Canadian national amateur champion Sebastian Bouchard (19-2, 8 KO) occurs Ricardo “Ricky” Lara (22-9, 10 KOs) from Mexico in an intriguing 10-round bout. The popular Bouchard has won 10 of his last 11 fights.

Canadian in the lightweight division Marie-Pierre Ul (5-0-1, 2 KOs), quickly returning to the ring after his recent triumph (February 24) over Yamilia Esther Reynoso on the decision of 6 rounds to face the former world champion in kickboxing Valentine Carey (5-5, 0 KOs), Serbia, in a 6-round bout.

The Canadian heavyweight is also fighting in the undercard Alexis Barrier (4-0, 3 KOs) vs. Mark Antonio Caneda (4-1, 2 KOs) in a 6-round bout; the Canadian debut is super light Spencer Wilcox against TBA, and Peter Gavrilovich (1-0, 0 KO) against Greg Weeks (3-1, 3 KOs) in paired 4-round confrontations.

Tickets, starting at $ 25.00, are on sale and available for purchase at You can also book prestigious seats by calling (819) 519-1634.

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Ukrainian space artist Sergei Bogachuk returns home to fight with compatriots

Source link Ukrainian space artist Sergei Bogachuk returns home to fight with compatriots