Ukrainian star Andrei Yarmolenko will go to Poland to gather a family

Winger got a rest in the club after the invasion of his country (Photo: Getty)

West Ham Star Andrei Yarmolenko to fly to Poland in the coming days to pick up his family after their escape Ukraineaccording to the legend of the national team Andrei Shevchenko.

Last Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a military invasion of neighboring Ukraine that has already claimed the lives of more than 2,000 civilians, while the UN says more than half a million people have fled their homes to escape the war.

Yarmolenko, Ukraine’s third-largest player in history, received a leave of absence from West Ham after the invasion, and now Shevchenko, his former national team manager, has revealed that the 32-year-old’s family has been forced to flee the country.

“Sport has incredible power to change the world, and that’s what it does,” said Shevchenko, who is considered one of Ukraine’s greatest athletes. Sky Sports News.

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“It’s unbelievable when it supports Everton. [Vitaliy] Mikolenko, if supported by Manchester City [Oleksandr] Zinchenko.

“Yarmolenko also has such a situation … his wife was with one of the children in Ukraine, she just crossed the border – she is now in Poland.

“Andriy seems to be flying to Poland for his wife. I’m not sure, but I know his wife, I think she’s abroad now and she’ll probably come here.

“I know how hard it is for him – it’s a busy time when his family.

“I can’t even concentrate. I’m just a little bit watching the news of what’s going on. I can’t even watch a football match. “

It is assumed that Yarmolenko is still in the UK after “West Ham” allowed him a sympathetic vacation, and loudly condemns Putin’s invasion of social networks. branding of the Russian national football team “*** heads” for silence.

Shevchenko, meanwhile, says he has considered returning to Ukraine to join the fight himself – his mother and sister have decided to stay in Kyiv – but feels he could be more helpful as a defender of his country and using his platform to benefit support and assistance.

He continued: “I am very proud to be Ukrainian. This is a very difficult moment for my country, my people, my family. My mother and sister are now in Kyiv, and terrible things have happened there. People are dying, children are dying, rockets are being sent to our homes.

“We have to stop this war, we have to find a way to stop the war. We have refugees, we need humanitarian aid. Need medical care, food support. It feels like I can do a lot here and I will.

“I tried [to convince my family to leave] many times, I’ve talked to them, but the answer is no. They want to stay there. This is the Ukrainian spirit.

“Football no longer exists for me. I don’t think about it. No time for that. I watch nothing, no sports, nothing.

“All my concentration is when I wake up, I think about how I can help my country, what I can do. I started calling my parents and friends to get information about what was happening in Ukraine. For me, this is my field, now this is my concentration. “

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Ukrainian star Andrei Yarmolenko will go to Poland to gather a family

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