Volvo still has time to do another XC90 flight lift before the EV is absorbed


Volvo is preparing to release a new generation of EVs, ready for the full transition to the sale of electric cars in 2030. But a quick arrival new flagship SUV does not mean the end of the older XC90, which Volvo says it will upgrade and continue production.

A new, still semi-secret SUV, a preview of the 2021 Concept Recharge, which may potentially called Embla, production begins at Volvo’s US plant later this year. But the XC90, which it actually replaces, is manufactured at Torslanda’s carmaker’s plant in Sweden, and CEO Hakan Samuelson says it gives Volvo the perfect opportunity to produce both models, at least initially.

“This is the advantage of building a new one in Charleston,” Samuelson said Europe’s car news. “Why should we close the old one in Thorsland if you still have a market for hybrids, especially in America and China.”

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Last year’s Concept Recharge features a preview of the XC90 replacement

The second generation XC90 was introduced in 2014 and proved to be such a successful design that Volvo did not change the model until the 2021 model year when it updated the bumpers and grille. But Samuelson said Europe’s car news what SUV is in the queue for the next update.

“We’ll even consider upgrading it to make it look a little better,” Samuelson said. “But given the technology, we will invest in a new generation of fully electric cars.”

The changes are likely to be limited to cosmetic improvements aimed at making the old car more like a Volvo car. the new generation of EV. So instead of switching to fully electric energy, it will focus on existing hybrid technology and combustion technology. Despite age, last year the XC90 increased in popularity, with sales up 17 percent to 108,231 in 2021.

The investment needed to refresh the XC90 will be a drop in the ocean compared to $ 1.1 billion Volvo recently announced the cost of the XC90 plant in Torslanda to prepare the next generation EV, which will eventually send the old ICE SUV into history textbooks.

Volvo still has time to do another XC90 flight lift before the EV is absorbed

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