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We are looking for the best pizza in the triangle.

We are looking for the best pizza in the triangle.

There is no such thing as a bad pizza.

In a large range of pizzas, ranging from upscale wood cakes with bubbles to three-tier gas ovens that heat up a simple piece of cheese, each pizza has its place of perfection.

The Triangle is home to world-class pizza of all varieties, from versions of true Neapolitan style to pizza heroes ordered in turn, to delicious inventions in between.

Our Triangle Pizza Bracket has narrowed the wide pizza scene in the region to 16 of the best and most popular pizzerias, putting these wood-fired stores against neighboring salons that have been operating for decades. The Triangle has countless favorite pizzerias, but these 16 famous stores offer a variety of styles and geographies.

Here’s how it works: In the first round, pizza lovers can vote for eight of their favorite pizzas. The list will be cut in half for the second round on Friday, March 4th.


500 E. Davie St., Suite 107, Raleigh.

Anyone who visits the Transfer Food Hall on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings knows that this full-time bagel shop and part-time pizzeria bakes a one-of-a-kind pizza. These rectangular Detroit-style ode, cooked in the same wood-burning oven as the bagels, always offer pieces of pepperoni and cheese, as well as weekly specialties.

Capital Creations Gourmet Pizza

1842 Wake Forest Rd., Role. 919-836-8000 or

A short drive from downtown Raleigh, this pizzeria is a takeaway favorite. Capital Creations bakes an idea pizza pie and takes special care of vegetarian fillings and pizza menus with more than two dozen creations.

Frank’s pizza and Italian restaurant

2030 New Bern Ave., Raleigh. 919-231-8990 or

Many pizza lovers think that Frank’s is their best kept secret, but everyone knows about these perfect pizzas. For almost 50 years Frank’s has been Raleigh’s favorite, bypassing pizza trends and delivering timeless pies just out of the oven.

Hutchins Garage

402 W. Geer St., Durham. 984-219-6578 or

Originally decorated as a pizza bar on the side, Hutchins Garage exploded on the Triangle pizza scene in 2018, offering a wide selection of traditional round cakes and simple yet hearty rectangular cakes from Grandma. Pizza with spicy vodka has become an icon of Durham, as Hutchins quickly grew into a nearby store that feels like it has always been there.

Italian pizzeria III

508 W. Franklin St., Chapel Hill. 919-968-4671 or

This icon on Franklin Street can cover Chapel Hill with its daily pizza issue. This New York-style pizzeria, loved by UNC students and Chapel Hill residents, is one of the busiest restaurants in the Triangle, and on gaming days there is no warmer place than the IP3 booth.

Lily’s Pizza

1813 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh. 919-833-0226 or

This Five Points icon has been a favorite of Raleigh pizza for over 20 years. Pies are baked with a thick crust and creative fillings, and the restaurant is always a noisy pizzeria.

Milton’s pizza and pasta

14520 New Falls of Neuse Rd., Raleigh. 919-570-9099 or

8853 Six Forks Rd., Role. 919-847-0604

Milton’s is a lighthouse in the Northern Roll for pizza lovers, where Greek-style cakes have been served for more than 30 years.

Pizzeria Napoli

105 E. Main St., Carrboro.

530 Foster St., Durham at Durham Food Hall. 919-448-8638

230 S. Nash Street, Hillsboro. 919-245-8566

This trio of pizzerias, ranging from a quarry truck with a thousand-degree oven, offers real Neapolitan-style pizza, where cakes are prepared in seconds and are best eaten while the cheese is still boiling and the crusts are filled with warm air. .

Oak pizza box

610 N. Person St., Raleigh. 919-594-1605 or

While it looks simple, everything interesting and favorite in pizza is on the menu at Oakwood. From a conventional gas oven the pies start as a red sauce or white garlic pizza and are then prepared from swirling pepperoni, high quality olives, sauteed mushrooms.

Pie makers

117A W. Main St., Durham. 919-294-8408 or

Pie Pushers, which began as a favorite of the festival and farmers market, has evolved into a downtown pizzeria with Durham with options that go beyond pepperoni and cheese, including a cult slice for breakfast.

Pizzeria Faulisi

215 E. Chatham St., Cary. 919-377-8244 or

This Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizzeria helped launch the idea of ​​downtown Kerry. Faulisi is baked on top of pizza, with a chewy, airy crust and bright, fragrant fillings. This soulful dough also led to Big Dom’s Bagels, a related store across the parking lot.

Pizzeria Mercato

408 W. Weaver St., Carrboro. 919-967-2277 or

Led by Gabe Barker, whom Eater named one of the country’s best young chefs a few years ago, Mercato explores the seasonal side of pizza with infinitely creative cakes, but never turns away from the classics. Bright “Margarita” is a mainstay all year round and as good as they are, but in summer, make sure that corn is on the pizza menu.

Pizzeria Thor

105 E. Chapel Hill St., Durham. 919-908-6936 or

This pizzeria in downtown Durham is built around a wood burning stove. Torah has been around for almost ten years, but always feels fresh, where the main pies include spicy lamb meatballs, pizza with clams and plain margarita.

Pies from the pool

428 S. McDowell St., Role. 919-803-8660 or

Raleigh chef Ashley Christensen has opened this wood-fired pizzeria next to her iconic Poole’s Diner restaurant, hence the name. The giant tiled pizza oven was raised across the roof and into the kitchen when Pulside opened in 2019, introducing a mix of classic pizza and creations.

Randy’s Pizza

Eight seats in a triangle.

Going through the door with a pile of Randy’s pizza means becoming the hero of any room. This Triangle chain offers tried and true pizzas suitable for parties, as well as the largest pizza you will probably find, 30 inches wide.

Trophy brewing and pizza

827 W. Morgan St., Raleigh. 919-803-4849 or

One of Raleigh’s best breweries is also one of the city’s most popular pizzerias. The Trophy boasts one of the most creative pizza menus in the Triangle and was a pioneer in Detroit-style pies that are now in vogue.

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Vote now to name the best pizza in Triangle Pizza Bracket

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