VW Group can purchase a stand-alone Huawei car unit


It is said that the Volkswagen Group is in talks with Huawei to buy it autonomous vehicle a billion-dollar unit.

Details of the move remain limited, but VW Group leaders reportedly negotiated an agreement with Huawei for several months. Germany Store Manager was the first to report a potential deal.

While China Huawei not so much buzzing about its developments in autonomous car space as some other technology companies and car manufacturers, it aims to develop Level 5 autonomy in passenger cars by 2025. Huawei is diversifying its business after the imposition of US sanctions under the Trump administration. In September, the company introduced, as she said, the first in the automotive industry Level ‘3.5’ system.

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VW Group is also working on self-management systems and has already confirmed that it is working with Argo AI and will introduce LiDAR systems in future commercial vehicles.

During a recent interview with Reuters, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diss acknowledged that the company is committed to partnerships to increase its self-sufficiency with stand-alone systems. Dis added that he expects widespread autonomous management in the market for 25 years.

Dis also made a number of interesting confessions during a recent Ask Me Anything session on Reddit. Asked if the carmaker could introduce an electric pickup like the Ford F-150 Lighting, Dis called it “a good idea!” He also confirmed that the company is working on production options for its attractive ID. Vizzion also noted that Audi and Bentley “are working on premium electric limousines”.

VW Group can purchase a stand-alone Huawei car unit

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