VW ID. Buzz here, check it out in a number of practical videos


Volkswagen introduced ID. Buzzing Last Tuesday and the next few days the internet was filled with practical videos from the official presentation. We have put together the most interesting ones, giving a deeper insight into the design and features of the all-electric MPV.

Europe will be the first market to receive an identifier. Buzz since VW will start taking orders from May 2022, and the first deliveries are scheduled for the third quarter of the year. North America will receive a version of the passenger ID with a longer wheelbase. We are talking about sales that will begin in 2024, but this does not make American automotive journalists less interested in EV.

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Most of the video reviews of static prototypes that you will see have praised the exterior style and interior capacity. Indeed, then ID. Buzzing differs from your classic passenger van thanks to features such as LED LED, modern bumpers, LED headlights wrapped around a curved surface, three decorative elements on the D-rack, reminiscent of side air intakes, bright two-tone paint, inspired by 21-inch T1, extra and full-width taillights.

Autogefuehl’s video is probably the most interesting in terms of new information, thanks to an interview with VW Group Design Manager Klaus Zitiora, who talks about design development ID. Buzzing while presenter Thomas Mayhrzak manages EV. Among the things he said, there are some elements he would like to improve in terms of the designer that may not be tangible in the final product due to various limitations.

While he is very happy with the result, he says he would like the windshield to be a little more up front and the canopy a little shorter, while he would also like the door handles, bigger roof and some extra details inside salon in terms of materials. The head of design recognizes that the concept car was the ultimate goal, and although it caused a “headache” in the engineers, the overwhelming public reaction changed the minds of shareholders, who then pushed to make it a reality.


Top Gear has a chic cinematography that shows the car from all possible angles inside and out. The owner recognizes the uniqueness of an all-electric MPV (not just a van) with a lot of style and character.

Similarly, in the video Redline Reviews with the editor-in-chief Sophia Bey, it is concluded that ID. Buzzing can make vans cool again, and his style helps him gain popularity when he arrives in the US market.

Ryan Zumalen of Edmunds is impressed with the available space inside, describing the ID. Buzz as a “magic little package”. However, he also asks several questions, including whether the model is “a fully-fledged idea or a rush to create goodwill in the EV community”.

Finally, Bjørn Nyland gives a full overview of the interior, praising the space and size of the trunk after measuring it, while for those who prefer POV videos, Mécanique Sportive gives a good overview of the ID. Sounds of opening and closing the trunk, trunk, doors and tinkering with the location of the seats.

VW ID. Buzz here, check it out in a number of practical videos

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