VW USA presents Oettinger accessories and more for the new Golf GTI


Volkswagen fans are happy, the automaker presents a number of accessories for the all-new eighth-generation Golf GTI. He has collaborated with brands such as Oettinger and Osram for new parts.

Classic VW tuners Oettinger Sports Systems GmbH returned with individual body elements. They improve the style of the GTI’s front and rear lips and add a new roof edge spoiler. All parts can be painted and installed at Volkswagen dealers or independent body shops.

Those looking for particularly fine-tuning details can also opt for “dynamic center wheel covers”. They are offered for both Golf GTI and Golf R and come with specific model logos. Self-aligning center caps allow the logo to stay upright even when the wheel is spinning and they will go on sale earlier this year.

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Finally, the automaker offers LED dynamic turn signals from Osram for the GTI. They are mounted on the side mirrors and remain dark when not in use. However, when the turn signal is turned on, light flows from the inside of the mirror to its outer edge. No special coding is required to install them, and you can put them on your car at any VW dealership.

«GTI it’s our most famous car for enthusiasts, ”said Hein Schaefer, senior vice president of product marketing and Volkswagen strategy in America. “Its owners have a history of recruiting machines according to their personality and lifestyle, and we are proud to offer a catalog of dynamic options to help them do just that.”

Volkswagen also offers a full range of accessories for both Golf GTI and R. These include interior additions such as MuddyBuddy rubber mats and Monster rugs to help protect your floor. The Bumperdillo mat protects the floor of the cargo compartment and will be available in late spring 2022. Owners can also purchase a frameless rear-view mirror with auto-dimming compatible with HomeLink Connect.

All available (or will be) through parts.vw.com.

VW USA presents Oettinger accessories and more for the new Golf GTI

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