Weather forecast for Charlotte on Tuesday


(DEMNA WEATHER) – Our weather will be cooler on Tuesday, but the rain will probably return by the end of the day.

Most of the morning we will hover in the 50s with light winds and variable clouds. In the morning there will be mostly dry clouds, in the afternoon.

Do not forget to give up games and recreation in advance!

Today, the maximum will reach the mid-60s, with the wind from the north will be about 8 miles per hour. See that the rain starts soon after 5pm as the low pressure system draws moisture to Carolina.

There will be short-term rains on Wednesday night. Minimum temperatures at night will drop to 40s, leading to a mid-week cold and wet start.

We will limit Wednesday highs to the mid-50s, and cooler conditions will continue until the second half of the week. We also did not end with wet weather, as on Thursday there will be spotted showers before the next wave of rains and possible storms approaching the weekend.

The high pressure will shift this weekend when we move an hour ahead, and the transition to summer time begins early Sunday morning.

On Monday next week we will return to normal mode with sunny skies.

Today: Clouds are growing with the evening rain. High score 65.

Tonight: Cold and rainy. Low 48.

Weather forecast for Charlotte on Tuesday

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