What Carolina Panthers can get if they trade back


The front office and coaching staff of the Carolina Panthers spent hours questioning prospects at the NFL, figuring out what they would do with the sixth pick.

While choosing a high-end offensive lineman with this choice seems to be the direction they are going, a return is also possible.

“Oh, yes. We can definitely look into it, ”Panthers general manager Scott Fitterre said when asked if a reverse trade option was realistic. “Now that there’s a franchise player sitting there and we think he could become a cornerstone for us in the next 10 years, we’ll take him.

“You don’t convey a really good foundation. However, if there is a chance or the compensation is so great that you cannot pass it on, we will always come back and consider other options because there are a lot of good players in this draft. ”

The 2022 NFL Draft is rich in attacking liners. And that’s what Caroline needs most. Ikem Equon of NC, Evan Neal of Alabama and Charles Cross of Mississippi are ideal candidates for Carolina at number 6. They say these species are ahead of the rest of the species in this class.

But the Panthers also lack the election to fully meet all their needs. After the sixth election they do not choose again until the fourth round. They exchanged their choice in the second round of 2022 in exchange for Sam Darnold and their choice in the third round in exchange for corner defender SJ Henderson.

Reverse trading can help bring back at least one of the elections they cast.

If Equon, Neil and Cross come off the board at six, a return may be their best option.

Panther’s best trading partners are teams looking for defenders. There are a number of teams that could benefit from attracting defenders, but the most famous teams are the Denver Broncos (ninth pick), the Washington Commanders (11th pick), who have been looking for a defender for years, the New Orleans Saints. (18th pick) who are still looking to fill Drew Breeze’s shoes, and the Pittsburgh Steelers (20th pick) who recently lost Ben Rotlisberger to retirement.

Teams rarely trade with their rivals in divisions, so the Panthers ’best potential trading partners could be the Broncos, Commanders and Steelers.

Here’s what deals with these teams might look like based on previous history:

Trade with Washington?

History shows that Carolina could potentially gain a lot in trade with Washington, despite retiring only five places.

In 2021, the Philadelphia Eagles regained six places with the Miami Dolphins, who wanted Jalen Waddle. They were selected in the fourth round of the “Dolphins” in their selection in the fifth round, as well as the “Dolphins” election in the first round of 2022.

Gaining a potential pick in the first round of 2023 could be helpful in the Panthers ’pursuit of the franchise defender if they fail to get it this offseason.

In 2018, the Buccaneers returned to five places with scores from №7 to №12, also giving away their seventh round. Along with the 12th election, the Bucks won two elections in the second round from the Bills. The Beals needed a defender and took Josh Allen, who worked for the Billings.

Trade with Pittsburgh?

The Steelers also seem to be falling all-in to find a quarterback on that draft. And while they could most likely be drafted at number 20, trading to get the quarterback they want would make more sense, especially if Washington wants it.

The installer said the Panthers would not return unless the package was too large to skip.

But any trade from №20 to №6 would have to come at a high price.

In 2017, Kansas City rose from №27 to №10 to get Patrick Mahomes. They gave up their 27th pick, third round and the upcoming first round in the trade.

In 2011, the “Browns” changed from “Falcons” from № 6 to № 26. “Falcons” wanted “Broadband” Julio Jones. In return, the Browns received a 27th pick, a pick in the second round, a pick in the fourth round and a future pick in the first and fourth rounds.

It was a historic trade that at the time actually worked in favor of the Falcons.

Moving 14 places is a significant drop in the draft. At this point, the Panthers believe that the level of talent is somewhat reduced when the 19th choice passes.

Thus, the compensation that the Panthers would receive in a potential trade would have to outweigh the loss of talent.

Trade with Denver

The Broncos drafted Drew Locke in 2019, but it didn’t work for them. And former Panthers defender Teddy Bridgewater was in Denver in 2021.

Although the Broncos don’t have to take quarterbacks, it still remains on the cards.

The Panthers can exchange three places with Denver.

Trading back only three places would be the least likely scenario for the Panthers. For the Broncos there may be little incentive for them to want to trade. Of the eight teams ahead of them, only the Panthers need to turn to the defender.

It would also be hard to imagine that the Panthers would miss one of the top qualifiers in the draft to move back three places.

In 2006, Denver exchanged with St. Louis Reims, rising four places from 15th to 11th, and took on defender Jay Cutler. In the trade, “Rams” also received a choice of the third round in return.

There are eight weeks left before the draft, and the free agency will begin later this month. It will also affect what happens to Carolina.

But given the fact that the Panthers still have a lot of holes in the attack and only one choice in the first three rounds, trading back is a good idea.

Much will depend on who is still available at number 6 for the Panthers and from which other teams are willing to give up trading.

History shows that panthers can get a lot.

Panthers election in 2022

The Panthers have six picks in the 2022 draft, including their own first and fifth rounds, a fourth for the Rams (from Houston), a Jaguar for the fifth round, the Raiders for the sixth round and the Titans. »Seventh round (from trade with Miami).

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What Carolina Panthers can get if they trade back

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