What happened to all the available compartments?


Have you tried to buy an affordable coupe lately? It’s not that simple. Everyone knows that crossovers kill sedans and station wagons over the past few years, but they have also destroyed the two-door sports market.

Of course if you have spend more than $ 80,000, or willing and able to compromise on issues of seating and practicality, you can buy something fun with two doors. But turn the clock to 30 years ago and you were spoiled for choice when it came to affordable compartments.

Let’s take a look at some of the cars available then, and see which of these brands still delight coupe enthusiasts in three decades.


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Integra was one of the founding fathers of the Acura line when Honda founded the brand in the US in 1986, and the RSX still went under the coupe flag 20 years later before killing its affordable two-door line in 2006. This year’s return has caused a real stir, but let’s not fool ourselves that 2023 MY five-door liftback that’s all, but not a sedan.


Here is one that resists the trend. Audi pulled its beautiful 80s coupe out of the US market in 1991, although by 1992 you could still capture a barely used butt. Moving on to 2022, Audi is offering two coupes in the form of the A5 and TT, but perhaps for a short time. Sounds from Ingolstadt suggest slow selling TT will not be replaced, or it can be reincarnated in, yes, a crossover.


In 1992, BMW actually offered two coupes: the 3rd and 8th series, although we dumped both the classic E31 8th series and its descendant with the G15 model code due to affordability. But with a two-door version 2 of the series and the 4-Series in its current range of BMW actually offers more coupes than 30 years ago.


It was thought that Buick’s coupe aspirations were over Grand National and GNX in the 1980s? One look at this Skylark of the early 1990s and you’ll regret what they were. And believe me, we do you a favor by not showing it from behind. The beautiful Reatta died in 1991, but the Skylark coupe was the basis of the Buick line for almost 50 years and lasted until 1997. Nowadays, the brand sells only crossovers and SUVs.


The Chevy Monte Carlo was on working leave from 1988 to 1995, but fans of bow ties could choose between the front-wheel drive Cavalier and Beretta and the rear-wheel drive Camaro in 1992. These days the Cav and Beretta are long gone and it’s hard to imagine a Chevy lineup without Camarodeclining sales mean the legendary pony is getting ready for a trip to the glue factory.


Dodge’s Challenger is the best-selling modern pony car, but it was nowhere to be seen in 1992. But Dodge was offered two coupes, not what you’ll find at Dodge dealers today. The front-wheel drive Daytona was built on Chrysler’s K-car platform, while the Dodge Stealth was the emblem of the Mitsubishi 3000GT / GTO.

Eagle, Mitsubishi and Plymouth

Eagle, Mitsubishi and Plymouth all got their badge on a coupe version built by the Diamond Star Motors joint venture in Normale, Illinois, earning rave reviews. But in modern showrooms you will not find a descendant compartment of any of these cars. Chrysler killed Eagle in 1998 and Plymouth three years later as Mitsubishi still sells Eclipseit is a five-door crossover.


Like the Chevy and Dodge, Ford had a two-tier coupe lineup back in 1992. The front-wheel drive Probe was developed based on the Mazda 626 chassis, and that year was the transition to a second-generation car that almost looks like a Firebird. But for Ford fans who still wanted a rear-wheel drive coupe, Fox Mustang has enjoyed its last couple of years on sale. Thirty years later, only the Mustang badge remains, and according to Ford’s website, it’s the only “car” the brand sells.

Geo and Isuzu

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Geo was GM’s attempt in the 1990s to create a small car brand, but not all of its cars were boring minivans like the subway. The fastest Storm coupe was equipped with 1.8 140 hp.

Unfortunately, GM had to abandon Storm in 1993 when Isuzu stopped building both it and Storm’s Isuzu Impulse twin. GM killed Geo in 1997, and nowadays Isuzu is a truck.


Perhaps Acura got Integra, but Honda dealers had something to offer buyers of the coupe. The fourth generation Prelude was new for the 1992 model year, and although also new, double CRX Del Sol was perhaps more of a sports car than a coupe, it was fun, affordable and too cool to leave it off that list.


The only rear door of the Hyundai Veloster means it’s only a genuine coupe on the driver’s side, but we’ll forgive that because the N version has 275 hp. (279 HP) (the only Veloster left on sale) has 2.5 times the capacity of the most powerful Scoupe 1992. By the way, this name is pronounced as “scoop”, which led one magazine to refer to the then popular device for collecting dog holes in the title of his not very laudable review: “Poop S-Coupe”.

Lexus and Mercedes

We’ve tried to stay away from the premium brands for this list, but the reality is that now both Lexus and Mercedes offer coupes at surprisingly affordable prices. The Lexus RC base costs $ 43,545, making it much more affordable in real terms than the old SC300 coupe, which cost $ 32,000 in 1992. And skipping past the four-door CLA coupe-challenger (Come on, it’s a sedan!), the Mercedes coupe range starts at $ 47,850 C 300, again significantly undermining the old W124 300CE with inflation adjustment.


The cute style of the 1992 Mazda MX-3, smart interior and movable handling helped it stand out from the coupe crowd, but not as strongly as its 1.8-liter V6 bonsai. For buyers who needed more space, there was his older brother the MX-6, a close cousin of the Mk2 Ford Probe, while speed freaks got RX-7.

You won’t find anything like this in the current Mazda range, but the MX-5 has a retractable solid top body not available back in the 92nd, and we assume MX-30 with his back door suicide at least trying to introduce some spike coupe into the crossover market.


There were so many coupes in Nissan’s product line in 1992 that one would think it was a special brand of sports car. From the likable NX1600 and its older brother the NX2000 (“affordable Porsche 944” said) Car and driver), to homemade Sentra, sexy 240SX and the muscular 300ZXon each pocket was a two-door Nissan.

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That’s not what you can say in 2022. The starting price of the older GT-R of 114 thousand dollars means that it does not exactly meet our “affordable” responsibilities, but new 400 hp (406 PS) Z at least it looks like it will cost a great $ 40,000.


Here is another forgotten coupe from an almost forgotten brand. The Achieva front-wheel drive was available as a sedan or coupe and replaced the Cutlass Calais with a Lego look. The largest engine available was a 3.3-liter V6 with 160 hp. 190 hp (193 PS) 2.3-liter Quad-4. In 1998, Achieva discontinued it, and the Olds brand existed only six years after that.


Pontiac previously claimed it caused a stir, and if you were excited to see the two doors, GM’s performance brand covered you. The brand’s front-wheel-drive coupe offerings were Sunbird and Grand Am, while the rear-wheel-drive Firebird was available with everything from a soft V6 to a 350-liter. miles per hour in 4.6 seconds. But Pontiac was not there yet coupe from the 2008 G6 because there was no Pontiac to build one; GM abandoned the brand that year.


Is it just us, or does the 1990-96 Saturn SC look pretty cute for a car designed when Ronald Reagan was in the Oval Office hot seat? It’s certainly better than the third-generation car that followed it. In the 92nd GM brand without trade had in its range only one coupe, and the only available engine was a row four 123 hp. (125 PS). But it was better than nothing, right? This is what we have now because Saturn burned up in 2010.


The ninety-second year was a transitional year for Subaru. The surprisingly angular XT with its even more amazing asymmetrical steering wheel passed the torch to the more advanced but much more expensive (and still amazing) SVX. But we would take the modern day manually-replaceable BRZ over any of these cars any day.


Okay, so no one really yearns for another Paseo, but it was still cool that Toyota offered an entry-level coupe for 1992 buyers who couldn’t afford a Celica or Supra. These days the range has shrunk from three to two in the form of GR86 and BMW Z4 Supra.


Volkswagen began its coupe line in 1955 with Karmann Ghia based Beetle, two decades later appeared Scirocco, and by 1992 the Corrado became the most sporty car in the VW line. These days you can’t even get GTi or Golf R with two doors from your VW dealer, not to mention a real coupe.

What happened to all the available compartments?

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