What is Ring Protect and do I have to pay for it? Everything you need to know


Ring Protect is the company’s subscription plans for doorbells, cameras and alarms. Which brings more features to your devices like more video history, ability to download videos and more.

But the real question is, do you need it? And is it worth the cost? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know Ring Protect.

What is Ring Protect?

The Ring Protect plan is an additional subscription plan that will give you access to paid features for various Ring devices. This includes video calls, security cameras and security alarms. With the Ring Protect plan, you can store, view and share videos from your Ring devices to your Ring account. Without a plan, you can still view real-time video for Ring Doorbells and cameras and respond to doorbell notifications as they occur. But you won’t get video recordings of those events.

So, while Ring Protect isn’t necessary, it’s a very useful subscription.

How much does Ring Protect cost?

You can start using Ring Protect for just $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year. This is for the basic plan and is really only for those with a single camera or doorbell. So if you’re just starting out with Ring, this is a good option.

Ring also has Plus and Pro plans. Plus will cover all your home security cameras and doorbells for $10 a month or $100 a year. While the Pro does that and includes professional monitoring with Ring Alarm for $20/month or $200/year.

For most people, Ring Protect Basic is ideal. But if you use more than just the doorbell, you’ll have to upgrade to the Plus plan. It’s a shame they don’t offer something in between for those with a doorbell and a camera, it’s about $5 or $6 a month. But that’s how it is.


What plans are available?

The Ring Protect plans are pretty self-explanatory, but in the table below, we’ll show you how the three stack up.

It should be noted that the Plus and Pro plans are only available in the US.

$39.99 per year
$10 per month
$100 per year
$20 per month
$200 per year
Video history up to 180 days
Save and share videos
Capture the picture
Notifications about individuals
Rich notifications
A regular visitor
Hello Alexa
10% off select products at Ring.com and Amazon.com
Upload up to 50 videos at once on Ring.com
Extended warranties on all devices
Professional monitoring 24/7
Cellular alarm backup
Alexa Guard Plus
SOS button in the app for Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro
Duress code for Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro
24/7 internet backup with extra data
Digital security from eero Secure
Ring Edge with local video storage
Save up to $100 a year or more on your home insurance

Should I buy Ring Protect on a monthly or yearly plan?

Ring does offer Protect plans in both monthly and annual plans. As usual, the annual plan is slightly cheaper. Basically you pay for 10 months and get two free. So for the Plus plan, that’s about $8.33 a month versus $10 a month if you paid monthly. So that’s good to keep in mind.

However, if you’re not sure if you want to keep the Ring Protect plan, monthly might be a good option to start with. But remember that when you activate a new product, you get a free trial. This free trial lasts for about 30 days.

Is there a free trial?

Ring offers a free trial of Protect. Every time you register a new device, you’ll get a free 30-day trial that starts immediately. You can’t activate it later, it starts the minute you activate your device.

The only exception here is if you are already a Ring Protect subscriber in the same location as the new device.

The trial lets you use all Ring Protect features, including saving 10% on Ring.com and Amazon.com. The Amazon discount is only valid in the US, while the Ring.com discount is valid in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

If you purchased a package from Costco, you may have a longer trial period of Ring Protect. The trial is the same, the only difference is that the duration may vary. You need to check the package you bought at Costco for all the details.

Can I cancel Ring Protect at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your Ring Protect plan at any time, but you’ll need to do so via the Ring website.

Regardless of whether you canceled your annual or monthly plan, you will be reimbursed. Unlike some other subscriptions, Ring Protect will cancel the day you cancel it. You will therefore receive a pro-rated refund on a Ring-registered credit or debit card. It’s actually pretty nice to have in case you forget to cancel Ring Protect and get charged for the annual plan. You can get it all back, which is really awesome.

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Is Ring Protect worth the price?

If you’ve invested heavily in the Ring ecosystem, it’s definitely worth it. If you only have one device, it might not be worth it, even at $3.99 a month.

Although Ring doesn’t allow you to download recorded videos without paying for a subscription, it’s very annoying, at least it’s not very expensive. And you probably won’t need to download those videos that often. So that’s good.

If you have Ring Video Doorbell 4, Ring Spotlight Cam, and Ring Alarm, then the Pro plan is definitely worth it. Since you get professional control. With competitors like Simplisafe and ADT charging $20 a month or more just for professional monitoring, you’re getting a lot more here than just that.

So it’s worth it, but the final decision comes down to you and how you use Ring products in your home.

What is Ring Protect and do I have to pay for it? Everything you need to know

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