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USB-C is a common occurrence in the world of technology nowadays, and most Android users recognize that it is their charger.

It has also been picked up by several companies around the world and has been improved since its debut, expanding to many other devices including laptops, tablets, headphones and even video game controllers.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about USB-C.

What is USB-C?

USB-C is an industry-standard connector that can charge your device as well as transfer data, making it one of the most convenient and versatile port options available today.

The USB-C connector is oval in shape with smooth curved edges, making it easy to distinguish from the old rectangular-shaped USB-A port.

It was originally developed by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) and is currently used by more than 700 companies around the world, including Apple, Dell, Samsung, Intel, Microsoft and HP.

iPad Pro USB C
The iPad Pro has a useful USB-C port

Its popularity and benefits have also recognized it as accepted by PC makers because it can transmit data at such a high speed. This is useful for transferring large video files and the like.

Many Android phones use USB-C for charging, with Apple being the main outstanding for the iPhone range; although the company has finally introduced a port connector for the new one iPad 9 and iPad mini 6.

How fast is USB-C?

USB-C can charge the device and transfer data, and it can perform both actions fairly quickly.

It can transfer data between devices at speeds up to 40 GB / s (gigabits per second), but only with Intel support Thunderbolt 4 technology. If the USB-C port of the device is marked with a lightning icon, you will know that it supports this technology.

Without Thunderbolt support, USB-C port speeds can range from 5GB / s to 20GB / s, depending on which generation your device supports.

But what do these speeds actually mean for real-world use? Says Belkin that 10 Gbps means transferring a full-length HD movie to another device in just 30 seconds at maximum performance.

Wallpaper with cable Thunderbolt 3 USB-C

If you look at the front of the charger, the USB-C can reach 240 watts, which means it can very quickly power almost any device. By comparison, Apple’s Lightning charger is only 5 watts, so Apple Mac and iPhone chargers are not interchangeable; phone chargers just aren’t powerful enough.

So while it’s convenient to use the same charger between tablet, laptop and phone, it’s also a more powerful option that should result in less waiting time until your phone’s battery is fully charged.

USB vs. Thunderbolt

USB-C and Thunderbolt are not the same thing, so don’t mix them up.

USB-C is just the name of an oval physical port. This means that all Thunderbolt 4 technology uses a USB-C connector, but this is not the case, as there are other compatible port standards such as USB 3.2 Gen 1, etc.

Thunderbolt has its own features and top speed, and new iterations are periodically released as technology improves.

Thunderbolt 4 this is the latest iteration that supports speeds of up to 40 Gbps, making data transfer even faster. Thunderbolt can also move up to 100 watts of power through the interface, which further adds to its impressive speed and overall benefits.

24-inch iMac cable with USB-C braid to Lightning
Lightning and USB-C cable

Thunderbolt can be used to transfer big data or media files (such as 4K video) to a computer or PC without long waits.

It can be considered as a supercharger version of the USB-C connector, and Intel has decided to stick to a universal connector to ensure that the cables are backward compatible and can work with a wide range of devices.

Why don’t iPhones use USB-C?

There are currently no iPhone models that come with such a connection.

There are several reasons why Apple does not include USB-C on its current phones; one of the allegations was that it would stifle the company’s innovation and that it would lead to a lot of electrical waste in the form of remnants of Lightning adapters.

It’s also important to consider how much revenue Apple gets from its chargers, as it is the main creator and user of this connector; IPhone users don’t have too many options when it comes to replacing a broken charger.

What is USB-C? | Reliable reviews

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