What The Tech: Black Friday vs. Cyber ​​Monday


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Black Friday sales have already begun at many retailers, with Thanksgiving and all day Friday still to come. Then there’s another shopping holiday, Cyber ​​Monday. Have you ever wondered if you get the best deals on any given day?

Turns out it matters. Depending on what you do.

According to Adobe’s new shopping report, deals for certain categories are better on one day than the next.

Adobe’s Christmas shopping report says the best day for TV deals is Black Friday. Historically, prices on the big screen are better on Black Friday than on Cyber ​​Monday.

These offers are available at all retailers, in-store and online. Best Buy’s Black Friday release features TVs starting at $80. And a 48-inch LG TV over $700 off.

I should point out here that despite deep discounts during the holidays, TV prices traditionally drop to their lowest prices in the days leading up to the Super Bowl weekend, when new TV models are released and retailers try to clear shelf space by discounting previous models.

If toys are on your list, Saturday is the best day to find the biggest discounts, according to the report.

It’s not an official shopping day, but Sunday is a shopping day for clothing and sporting goods. Cyber ​​Monday is best for deals on computers and furniture.

But if you’re shopping for appliances, Adobe’s report says it’s best to wait until Cyber ​​Monday, Dec. 1, when those items are discounted more than on other days.

In more good news for shoppers this year, Adobe expects to be able to find discounts of up to 20% on popular gifts after Cyber ​​Monday and through the rest of the year.

What The Tech: Black Friday vs. Cyber ​​Monday

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