Will NIL “recruit” eliminate Nick Saban?


There is no further answer to the question posed in the title of this post. Trying to guess the answer would be a hasty conclusion. This post is also not about what a mistake it is for college athletes when they make money on their name, image and likeness. Sharing wealth with players has always been a good idea.

What quickly becomes a cause for concern is that without effective restrictions the use of zero deals to buy recruits explodes. Some fans think this is not a problem given the history of recruitment violations prior to NIL deals.

In addition to the fact that the deals are now more prominent, there are now huge dollars that are sometimes involved. The latest deal for the recruit is reported Stuart Mandel. According to Mandela, the 5-star rookie has signed an agreement with the NIL school team, which could cost $ 8 million.

Teams are new animals designed to work independently of schools. They make it easier for boosters to pack dollars to catch recruits. Jeremy Crabtree, writes for On3, said the aforementioned deal involved an immediate cash payment of $ 350,000.

Mandel was able to analyze the contract deal and then, he tweeted

Here’s how a group of donors “buys” a recruit for the next 4 years without making it in writing.

On3 followed the news by talking to several coaches. The names of the coaches have not been released, but at least one of them is a Big 12 assistant who said:

Recruitment, as we know, is dead. I honestly thought NIL would help current players get what they deserve. But now that it’s all about the set, the game is over.

What is happening, as one coach said, is clear. It is also easy to identify. This is payment for the game. A few years ago, when Nick Saban warned the rest of college football about free will, it was about unimpeded player transfers. In any case, the college equivalent of a free agency happened. Nick Saban quickly learned to master them, as well as everyone else that has to do with university football.

When the rich got rich thanks to a free agency, it was nothing compared to what was suddenly seen with NIL deals and recruitment.

What does this mean for Alabama football?

Given that the Alabama Crimson Tide is one of the richest programs, why should Alabama football fans be concerned? The coach’s last quote in Crabtree’s story should bother Tide fans,

Student football will never be the same, and I believe you will see how good people will come out of the profession if it is not cleaned up and regulated.

Could Nick Saban be one of the good people who has no appetite for the student football world without rules against buying players? Hopefully the answer will not be. Nick Saban can also handle this new challenge; if he has an appetite for it.

What school and what player did Mandel write about? The player is a 5-star rookie of 2023. He is rumored to be from California. QB High School, which fits that description, recently visited Tennessee. Player Nick Yamalev is the main target for Crimson Tide.

Will NIL “recruit” eliminate Nick Saban?

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