Winners and losers of the Denver Broncos in the 2022 NFL Draft


Denver Broncos apartmentback Brett Ripien. Mandatory credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the 2022 NFL draft is complete, we can take a step back and look at the entire Denver Broncos list.

General manager George Peyton took a few steps on the draft, but the team still found itself on the list of nine new players as well many undrafted free agents.

Here’s how the Broncos will head to training camp later this summer, though here and there we could see some changes to the list.

With the newcomers on the team there are some players who may have to put in a little extra effort later this year to prove they still belong to Denver. In other cases, players will be happy with the outcome of this draft because the election did not lead to serious competition for their seats.

Here are the players who should be happy (winners) and others who may not be so happy (losers) with these draft results.

Broncos winners: the right selections

Denver Broncas

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN – SEPTEMBER 20: Billy Turner № 77 of the Green Bay Packers retreats back to the block during the game against Detroit Lyons at Lambo Field on September 20, 2021 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Lions 35-17. (Photo by Wesley Hitt / Getty Images)

It was expected that this summer we will see a possible three-person competition to see who will be the starting right-back of the Broncos between Billy Turner, Tom Compton and Calvin Anderson. It was also assumed that the Broncos would make the right selection, at least to look to the future.

The Broncos have decided not to do so and will instead play with the trio of Turner, Compton and Anderson.

One of these guys should be able to contain the situation this season, but the big problem here is that all three will have final year contracts with the Broncos. In other words, all three could disappear next year, as could last year’s starter Bobby Messi.

The Broncos need long-term consistency in that position, especially with such a valuable asset in Russell Wilson’s defender. Peyton doesn’t have to follow an approach to signing an aging veteran who isn’t wanted by most other teams sitting in the free agent market.

Winners and losers of the Denver Broncos in the 2022 NFL Draft

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