Woman sues Mike Tyson for rape in early 90s


NEW YORK (AP) — A woman has filed a lawsuit accusing former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson of raping her sometime in the early 1990s after she met him at a nightclub in Albany, New York.

The woman, who is suing for $5 million, said Tyson raped her in a limousine and that she has since suffered “physical, psychological and emotional trauma.”

The woman’s affidavit does not give a date for the attack, saying only that it happened in the early 1990s — around the same time that beauty pageant contestant Desiree Washington said Tyson raped her in Indianapolis. Tyson was found guilty of raping Washington on February 10, 1992 and served three years in prison.

The New York lawsuit was filed under state law Adult Survivors Act which gives victims of sexual assault a one-year window to file lawsuits over assaults that happened years or even decades ago.

The woman said in her affidavit that she got into Tyson’s limousine, and the boxer immediately began touching her and trying to kiss her.

“I told him no several times and asked him to stop, but he continued to attack me,” the woman said. “Then he pulled down my pants and brutally raped me.”

There was a lawsuit first reported by the Times Union Albany.

The woman wishes to remain anonymous because, she said, publication of her name “definitely puts me at risk of further psychological harm, harassment, ridicule or personal embarrassment.”

The woman’s attorney, Darren Seilbeck, said in a separate statement that his office didn’t just take the woman at her word, but investigated her allegations and determined they were “highly credible.”

Seilback said Tuesday that he could not comment further on the case.

A request for comment on Tyson was referred to the agency that represented him.

Brooklyn-born Tyson, 56, earned his status as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world from 1987 to 1990, but his life outside the ring was tumultuous.

Tyson’s ex-wife, actor Robin Givens, said in divorce papers that their marriage in the late 1980s was characterized by “causeless furies of violence and destruction.”

Woman sues Mike Tyson for rape in early 90s

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